8 Simple Ways To Make Your Face Look Slim

Simple Ways To Make Your Face Look Slim

Most of you all may be upset and worried about your round looking face. There are plenty of exercises that you can practice to get rid of the chubby cheeks. While you are practicing your exercises regularly, you can try few simple tricks that will make your face look slimmer. These simple tricks will take very little time from your schedule, but you will be able to witness the differences immediately. This is one of the best ways to get compliments on your changing look. Few of the simple tricks that would help you to achieve the look that you desire are discussed below.

1. Wear Glittery Earrings

Earrings have the potential to make your face look less chubby than what actually it is. Look for hoops that hang around the ear rather than something that hangs below the ear. Apart from that, look for glittery earrings that go well with the dress that you are wearing. This will ensure that people admire the beauty of the earring and they will not pay much attention to your chubby cheeks.

Wear Glittery Earrings

2. Opt For Darker Hair Shade

This is a miracle that can help you to look beautiful and also the face will look slimmer. Use hair dyes that will give dark shade to your hair rather than that of opting for light shades. If you are in love with some light shade then you can use the same, towards the tip of the hair. This trick will ensure that your face doesn’t look round.

Opt For Darker Hair Shade

3. Say No To Sleek Hairstyle

While you are dressing up your hair, do remember that you want your face to look sleek. If you are opting for a sleek hairstyle then you will notice that your face looks round and you will not be able to achieve the sleek look that you desire. While dressing up comb your hair from the roots and also comb in the upward direction. This will make your hair look fluffy and also straight. You can have a sleek hairstyle below the shoulder.

Say No To Sleek Hairstyle

4. Go For Contouring Makeup

People with round face should always prefer pressed matte powder and not the regular compact. Apart from that, the compact shade should be one shade lighter than that of your regular skin tone. Contouring powder can be used to shade the jawbones, temples and also the sides of your nose. The makeup tricks will not be visible, but it would create a huge impact on the size of your face. Ensure that your makeup area is well lighted so that you can apply makeup perfectly.

5. Lift Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows can play a major role in making your face look longer than what it is. While trimming your eyebrows, request your beautician to give a arch look. This will make your face look less chubbier. At the same time, ensure that the eyebrows aren’t extremely thin. If the eyebrows are extremely thin then it will draw attention to your cheeks. Your eyebrows should be average in breadth, but the end of the eyebrows should be stretched completely.

6. Opt For Long Bangs

Bangs can create the effect that you desire. Ensure that the bangs cover your face and this will make your face look sleeker. You need to remember that all kind of bangs will not create the same magic that you are expecting. Short bangs will make your face look round and broad. On the other end, longer bangs will make your face look thin and at the same time, it will also cover the round cheeks to a great extent.

Opt For Long Bangs

7. Try Cat Eye Makeup

Opt for cat eye makeup and this will help people to concentrate on the beauty of the eyes and not your cheeks. To get cat eye makeup, you will make your eye lashes appear tall and at the same time, you will have to ensure that the linings around the eyes are thick and clearly visible. Apart from that, the eye liner shouldn’t just end at the tip of your eye, it should get extended and this will pull the viewer’s concentration to the tip.

8. Makeup On Nose

Apply a thin line of compact powder on your nose. Use a very thin brush to do this so that your nose can long long and thin. This will make your complete face look slim. If the line of the nose is broad then your nose will also look broad and hence, be a little extra careful. Similarly, ensure that the thin line isn’t seen explicitly on your face.

Be careful with your makeup and hairstyle, this will solve half of your problem.