8 Simple Steps To Apply Kajal Like Pro

Kajal may be the simplest and most basic eye makeup step, but it is also the most inevitable and essential step without which no eye can give a mesmerising, complete and sparkling look. Unlike what most of us believe, applying kajal isn’t just a gliding step. While more than most women simply rush through applying Kajal, what gives a few rare women an oomph is that they apply kajal like a pro. If you too are willing to invest a little more effort than usual to get that extra sheen and finish, you should actually scroll down our list of 8 simple steps that will glide you through proper kajal application that will prolong the shine of the rest of your eye makeup as well.

1. Use Oil Free Makeup Remover

A makeup remover isn’t just needed to remove the traces of makeup before going to bed, it is also a pre makeup application step that gets rid of trapped particles like oil, dirt and sweat from the skin under and above the eyes.

2. Use An Oil Free Cleanser

Clean skin has always worked as the first proper base of makeup application. Thus, use a gentle foaming and oil free cleanser to clean the lower lid, upper lid and rest of the skin around the eyes. This is necessary to get rid of any bumps or flakes trapped with the lower and upper lid lashes.

Use An Oil Free Cleanser

3. Use A Moisturizer

The Kajal will start cracking soon within few hours if the skin is left dry. Thus, never forget to moisturize the eye skin. It also ensures that the skin doesn’t irritate or inflame post Kajal application.

Use A Moisturizer

4. Use An Eye Primer

The smoother the base, the better the makeup rolls over and binds to the skin. An eye primer will even the lid skin and cover up for the lid acne bumps, pores, cuts and blotches. Just remember though, use an eye primer specifically, not a face primer. Eyes are far more sensitive than the face is.

Use An Eye Primer

5. Target The Lower Lid

You need to use a sharp and pointed Kajal and start with the lower lid first. Simply draw a very slim line along the edge of the lower eyelid. Paint it from the inner edge, stretching a little beyond the outer edge. Ensure you’re using a Kajal with dark pigments to reflect the colours, no matter how slim the line is.

Target The Lower Lid

6. Thicken The Slim Line

It’s never a wise option to rub the kohl back and forth in the first hand itself to draw a visibly thicker line. Rather, keep painting on layer on top of the other until you get your desired thickness. However, remember to let the line stretching beyond the outer edge stay slimmer than the rest of the Kajal.

Thicken The Slim Line

7. Repeat The Process On Upper Lid

Upper lid, or what you call as lash skin, should be painted with the Kajal the very same way you drew it on the lower lid. Ensure you stretch the upper lid kajal outward as well, and join it with the stretched lower lid kajal stroke.

Repeat The Process On Upper Lid

8. Use A Moist Brush

Skip this step if you’re focusing on a sober look. But simply use a semi moist angled eyebrow brush and dab it around the lower lid for bolder finish. It will evenly spread the Kajal and bestow your eyes with a lusty smokey finish. And you’re almost done with perfect Kajal application, as long as you do not wish to attend an evening party. If so, it is mesmerising to top up the smudged Kajal with a transparent shimmering Kajal pencil to add sheen, gloss and glitters to your eyes. And this is how you will be able to adhere whichever look you desire to flaunt simply with kajal alone.

Use A Moist Brush