8 Metallic Lipsticks You Must Try

Lipsticks are one of the women’s favorite makeup elements. They not only highlight your appearance but also improve the texture of the lips. Lips are one of the sensitive parts of our body. Our busy schedules often lead to neglected lip care. Lipsticks available in the market help in improving the health of the lips and keeps them hydrated all day long. No woman would like to have dark and chapped lips. Therefore lipsticks are a great source of relaxation for women with dry lips. Choosing a right lipstick depends on various factors such as your requirement, skin tone and also the color you want them to impart.

Here Is A List Of 8 Metallic Lipsticks You Must Try To Enjoy Beautiful Lips:

1. Lipstick Queen Metallic Lipstick

Metallic colors add great spark to your lips. This lipstick’s metallic elements make your lips attractive and beautiful. This lipstick is enriched with vitamin-E that is very useful in comforting the lips. Few other ingredients like apricot and kernel oil help in providing adequate nourishment to the lips. The creamy texture of the lipstick helps in easy application and a luxurious coverage. This lipstick also enjoys the benefit of long lasting effect. This lipstick is available in three shades that suit all skin tones. The shades are metal nude, metal red, metal wine.

Lipstick queen metallic lipstick

2. NYX Wicked Lippie In Wrath

This product from NYX is another amazing cosmetic that gives complete coverage and adds grace to your face. This amazing product is available in 12 shades. You have the complete freedom to choose the best out of the best. The shades are highly pigmented and will give you a long lasting effect. These shimmering 12 shades can add drama to any look. The texture of this lipstick is extremely creamy and gives you a rich coverage. The beautiful shades available suit every skin tone. The matte lasts long and provides required hydration to your lips and prevents them from drying.

NYX wicked lippie in wrath

3. Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick

This is an innovative lipstick from Kat Von D it helps in covering your lips with a nice bold shade and gives you the sense of confidence you want. This product uses the color cushion technology that helps in completely drenching your lips in the required color and stays longer. This technology helps in giving you a rich coverage. This lipstick is also infused with an antioxidant complex that leaves your lips completely soft and proves to be a great experience. This stunning lipstick is available in wide range of shades. The rich pigment helps in giving a bold color to your lips.

Kat Von D studded kiss lipstick

4. OCC Lip Tar Metallic In Black

This liquid lipstick is available in various shades. The liquid formula of this lipstick helps in using small amount and completely spreads throughout the lips. This product is made up of hemp oil and vitamin-E that provides required moisture and nourishment to your lips and makes you ready to step out in confidence. This product also uses natural ingredients like peppermint oil that acts as anti- bacterial and anti-microbial alternative. This product provides complete natural matte finish and also enjoys the benefit of being gluten free. The product is available in range of shades and is also silicon free.

OCC lip tar metallic in black

5. Stila Magnificent Metals Lip Stick

This product from the famous stila brand is a great collection in your makeup set. This product is a revolution as it imparts bold color to your lipstick. The formula used in this lipstick uses conditioners and micro fine pearls that impart lips with a luxurious feel and amazing color. This formula also hydrates your lips and gives your lips a healthy look. The long lasting effect of this product makes it a must try.

Stila magnificent metals lip stick

6. Rant And Rave Metallic Lipstick

This amazing product helps in providing a complete coverage to the lips and keeping them well hydrated. The composition of the product is designed such that it lasts long and is completely a must have lipstick.

Rant and rave metallic lipstick

7. MAC Metallic Lipstick

This beautiful metallic lipstick from Mac is available in four shades namely Dominate, pre Raphaelite, show all, subverted. Dominate is a reddish purple shade that gives you a deep color you desire for. The long lasting effect and creamy texture of these products makes it one of those best lipsticks.

Mac metallic lipstick

8. Color Bar Metallic Lipsticks

The metallic finish and ultra rich creamy texture makes this product a beautiful product. Also the brand of color bar makes it one of those desirable products that help in imparting a bold color to your lips.

Color bar metallic lipsticks

Try the above mentioned metallic lipstick shades and see the difference in your look!