8 Marvelous Oil Remedies To Manage Body Odor Naturally


Body Odor

Due to the overactive sweat glands, the body produces the unpleasant and strong body odor. When bacteria are mixed with sweat, it results in the trouble of unpleasant body odor. The odor causing bacteria grow quickly in the moist and warm environment. Various other factors that result in the problem of unpleasant body odor are nutrient deficiencies and poor hygiene. Some other causes are gastrointestinal problems such as chronic constipation and underlying health problems like liver disease, diabetes, and hereditary metabolic disorders.

There Are Amazing Oil Remedies To Manage Body Odor Naturally. In This Article, Let Us Discuss Some Of Them:

1. Lavender Oil:

This excellent essential oil works marvelously well in encountering body odor. This essential oil has the capability of fighting against the bacteria. Thus, it gives you relief from the problem of body odor. It is also loaded with pleasant fragrance. The pleasant aroma of the lavender oil soothes your mind and body as well. [1]

Lavender Oil

2. Bergamot Oil:

Bergamot essential oil is very beneficial in combating against body odor. This amazing oil is uplifting and refreshing. It also relieves you from the feelings of anxiety and fear. Thus, it reduces the problem of sweating. By doing so, it controls the trouble of strong and unpleasant body odor. [2]

Bergamot Oil

3. Eucalyptus Oil:

Eucalyptus oil is highly known for its amazing anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. With these properties, this essential oil work miracles in giving you relief from many health conditions. But, this fantastic oil is very effective in reducing the body odor as well. It eradicates the household odors too. You can use eucalyptus oil as an underarm antiperspirant or air freshener for controlling the body odor. [3]

Eucalyptus Oil

4. Patchouli Oil:

Another essential oil that works great in masking the body odor is patchouli oil. This essential oil is very effective in encountering the body odor. This oil has the musky, spicy and sweet aroma. Take little amount of patchouli essential oil and apply it under your arms. Alternatively, you can add this oil to your regular lotion. Patchouli essential oil also acts as a fantastic home deodorizer. [4]

Patchouli Oil

5. Neroli Oil:

The neroli oil acts as a fantastic deodorant due to the delightful fragrance. The pleasant aroma of neroli oil makes you feel fresh for the entire day. The application of few drops of neroli oil keeps the body odor at bay. The antimicrobial properties of neroli work amazingly well in killing the body odor causing bacteria. [5]

Neroli Oil

6. Benzoin Oil:

Wonderful health benefits offered by the benzoin essential oil are very famous and highly appreciable. But, it is also highly used as a body deodorant due to its rich content of aroma. The nice aroma of the benzoin is highly effective in driving away the odor. Apply some benzoin essential oil under your arms for getting rid of body odor. By killing the odor creating germs, benzoin essential oil reduces the body odor. [6]

Benzoin Oil

7. Cypress Oil:

Cypress essential oil is loaded with spicy, masculine and clean fragrance that has the power to lift the spirits. This essential oil is highly capable of stimulating happiness. It acts as a wonderful and natural deodorant. Due to its antibacterial properties, this essential oil easily replaces the synthetic deodorants. The antibacterial properties of the cypress essential oil are highly effective in keeping the growth of the odor creating bacteria at bay. [7]

Cypress Oil

8. Clary Sage Oil:

Clary sage essential oil is very useful in reducing the problem of body odor. Moreover, the effects of the clary sage essential oil in lessening the body odor last for longer period of time than the synthetic deodorants. Antimicrobial properties of the clary sage essential oil are very effective in fighting against the body odor causing bacteria. Apply clary sage essential oil directly to your skin. Alternatively, add this oil to lavender oil in order to produce the unique fragrance. Apply this mixture to your under arms. [8]

Clary Sage Oil