8 Makeup Tips For Old Women

8 Makeup Tips For Old Women

Makeup is one of those methods that is adhered by all women equally where beauty enhancement is concerned. Age becomes no bar when it comes to the desire to look beautiful and appealing. However, there are definitely some standards and rules that apply in make-up when we talk about the age factor. The make-up tips for teenagers will be completely different from those that apply to young office going women and the same will differ from make-up for older women especially those who have crossed their 50’s.

Another point of discussion here is that the more you age, the more is the requirement of make-up to hide the flaws of the skin. The real need for such a method is especially after the age of 40 when the skin starts showing wrinkles, fine lines and even loss of firmness.

The sole aim of an older woman while using make-up should be to hide these signs of ageing and look simple and graceful. Here in this make-up guide we have the best solutions for this category of women-

Tips And Tricks Of Makeup For Old Women

1. Avoid Dark Shades Of Lip Colors

An old woman should always avoid bold and dark shades when it comes to choosing the right tone of lipsticks from themselves. Along with this make sure the product you pick does not have qualities of shininess and shimmers. Pick up hues that are just next to the color of your lips. This will work wonders for your look.

On the other hand if you feel that your lips are no longer a strong facial feature, then it is always advisable that you spotlight your eyes. Lip gloss, can however, be used by older women too. This can add some volume to the lips. Some shades considered perfect for older women include peach, pink, coral and berry.

2. Work On The Eyebrows

This is an age where the amount of hair on the eyebrows might decrease and the color might not be as dark as in the young age. You should work out on perfect pair of eyebrows by using an eyebrow pencil or gels that is the same color as the hair.

3. For The Foundation

Heavy foundations are a complete no for women in their 40’s and 50’s. They should always buy products that are liquid in state and also has moisturizing content to keep the face hydrated. This is because one of the common symptoms of ageing skin is dryness.

4. The Powder And Blush

The powder again should be one with nourishing properties for the skin and the blush that you buy should be cream based instead of the powder ones available.

5. Eye Pencils Over Liquid Liners

Liquid liners tend to have more chemicals and are harsher on the eyes as compared to eye pencils that are available in a variety of colors. Also, you can easily smudge the eye pencil marks on the eyes and make it appear softer. For those women with small eyes, it is recommended not to line the inside of the eyes.

6. Mascara And Eye Shadow Tips

The mascara is one of the perfect products to bring a good change in the appearance. Make sure you don’t miss out on it whenever you plan to apply make-up. Choose a waterproof and volume adding mascara for the purpose.
For the eye shadow, avoid any cosmetics that have shimmer in it. Natural colors are the best option for older women. a combination of pink and gray hues will help you a long way rather than bold shades.

7. Work On The Hair

For a complete look and make-up tips, you should not avoid the hair style even if it’s for old age. Choose a hair color that suits your age and skin tone. On the other hand the hair style should be such that it compliments the face structure and also the profession you are in.

8. Less Is More

An older woman should always remember not to over do the make up and try and highlight only one area at a time. Piling up all the cosmetic products on the face won’t really make you look graceful.