8 Iranian Women’s Makeup Beauty And Fitness Secrets


Iranian women completely cover their body and keep their face alone open but this doesn’t mean that they are ignorant about beauty. They put in efforts so that they can look beautiful. Iranian women have baby skin and that’s because of the efforts that they put in to look beautiful. They have a makeup, fitness and beauty regime so that they can look beautiful. I will help you to get a glimpse of their beauty, fitness and makeup secrets so that you can also look beautiful.

Here Are The List Of  8 Iranian Women’s Makeup Beauty And Fitness Secrets

Makeup Secrets Of Iranian Women

Nose Job

Iranian women believe that having a perfect nose is the most important thing that they need to have so that they can look beautiful. In fact, perfect nose is a status symbol for them. Iran is one of the countries which do most number of nose jobs every year. Statistics states that the number of nose jobs, in Iran, is more than 60,000.


Eye Makeup

Iranian women put in a lot of eye makeup so that their eyes can look beautiful and attractive. They apply makeup beautifully on their eyes so that anyone who sees them can just be mesmerized with the beauty of their eyes. They apply eye liner, Kohl, mascara, eye shadow and also primer. Their eyes look very dramatic so that they can hold the attraction of the viewer.

Eye Makeup

Beauty Secrets Of Iranian Women

Eye Brows

To add on more beauty to their eyes, Iranian women have been practicing hair removal from the eye brows for more than thousand years now. Eye brow threading helps them to achieve a perfect arch and this makes their eyes look beautiful. They also remove hair from other parts of the face as well so that they can have a clean and beautiful skin. Apart from threading their eye brows, they also brush their eye brows twice in a day, morning and evening with a toothbrush so that the eye brows can just look perfect.


Body Oil

Iranian women use a lot of body oil on their body so that they can look the moisture and suppleness in their body. They use various body oils so that the skin can look good and polished. A natural shine is seen on their skin due to the usage of body oil. Massaging with body oil also helps them to get rid of the tan that is deep settled on their skin. They ensure that they massage their body at least once in a week. You can also try this so that you can add beauty to your skin and at the same time, this will also make you feel relaxed and relieved from all the unwanted stress.


Beauty Bar With Moisturizer

Iranian women tend to stick to the same beauty bar rather than that of experimenting with different bars. They look for a beauty bar that has lot of moisturizer in it and hence, this helps them to keep their facial skin supple and beautiful. Just like every woman, women from Iran also love to experiment with various beauty products but they ensure that they don’t experiment on their face so that they can stay away from problems like acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.


Fitness Secrets Of Iranian Women


Iranian women consume lot of water so that the toxins in the body can flushed off. They don’t count the number of glasses and drink water but they drink water till their urine’s color is same as that of water. They believe that yellow urine contains lot of toxins so they should consume water to the extent possible so that toxins can be flushed off.

Drink  Water


They prefer to have a light breakfast so that they can feel light throughout the day. They believe that heavy breakfast makes them feel lazy, right from the morning. Rice is something that they prefer to have in their breakfast. Most of the days, they eat rice that is mixed with honey or rice that is mixed with yogurt. They prefer to use fat free yogurt so that their body doesn’t gain weight.



Iranian women don’t believe in exercising. They are preoccupied with lot of work and hence, they prefer to have a control over their diet rather than that of exercising. To stay fit and lose the weight that they have gained, they walk everyday for about an hour. This helps them to sweat and stay fit. Recently a lot of Iranian women have started with yoga so that they can lose weight and they also believe that this helps to increase their concentration.


Iranian beauty, makeup and fitness secrets are very simple and hence, you can easily implement this in your daily life.