8 Homemade Face Washes For Ultra Sensitive Skin

8 Homemade Face Washes For Ultra Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is one of the hectic and extremely tricky skin types to deal with! It can easily get allergenic to various ingredients and cause irritation. The ingredients which are used to treat sensitive skin must be chosen very carefully to protect the skin from any issues and impairments. Especially, if you have extremely sensitive skin, there are some cool ingredients which you can use to prepare a face wash! Cleansing is very important to protect your skin from germs, dust and such issues. In such cases, using a homemade face wash is a great idea if you choose some choicest ingredients. If you are confused about choosing the right face washes for your sensitive skin, here are some smoothening and cleansing face washes which you must try!

1. Gran Flour Turmeric Face Wash

This is a cleanse and face wash with the ingredient which are perfect for the sensitive skin. If your skin is extremely sensitive and needs balanced mixture for keeping hydrated and smooth, here is the best face wash you can prepare at your home! Get a bowl, add 2 spoons gram flour powder, and also add a pinch of turmeric powder, 2 spoons curd and mix well. Cleanse your face with this awesome face wash and your sensitive skin would glow magically!

Gran Flour Turmeric Face Wash

2. Milk And Chickpea Face Wash

The chickpea flour is also used widely for fighting dull skin and works magically over the skin. Milk and chickpea flour is a cool combination which would not only cleanse your skin but will also maintain the pH balance and nourishment of your skin. Get some chickpea flour, turmeric powder and milk. Wash your face with this super cool mixture and make your skin flaunt! Also the pores, the dust and black heads would get reduced with this amazing cleanser!

Milk And Chickpea Face Wash

3. Tomato Lemon Juice Face Wash

These are the two extremely cleansers which would cleanse you skin and also make it fairer! Tomatoes are filled with some amazing acids which would fight the dust, germs and harmful bacteria from your skin while lemon juice works as a refreshing and deep cleansing ingredient. Mix these ingredients and clean your face with this magical mixture! This will keep your sensitive skin clean and flawless!

Tomato Lemon Juice Face Wash

4. Honey And Lemon Juice Face Wash

This is a multi benefit mixture which will surely keep your skin glowing and mesmerizing. Lemon juice would fight patchiness, pigmentation and such skin impairments while honey would soften your skin fight greasiness and maintain the smoothness of your skin! Mix some honey and lemon juice and use this nourishing face wash for cleansing your sensitive skin!

Honey And Lemon Juice Face Wash

5. Olive And Lavender Oil Cleanser

If you think that oils can make your skin greasy and sticky, don’t worry as this cool mixture of oils would simply nourish your skin and make it super smooth! Lavender oil would not only cleanse your skin but would also reduce pores, blackheads and blemishes while olive oil would make your skin bright, cleansed and flawless! Mix these oils and cleanse your face with this coo mixture! Massage your face with circular and smooth motions and keep your skin beautifully hydrated!

6. Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanser

Get some apple cider vinegar and cleanse your sensitive skin with this soothing cleanser. Apple cider vinegar can fight various skin issues like pimples, acne, oiliness, acne, patchiness and such different skin impairments. Use a cotton ball and cleanse your skin with this awesome cleanser! This amazing ingredient would surely make your sensitive skin bright, awesome and flawless! Nothing can work as miraculously as this super stunning ingredient on your extremely sensitive skin!

Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanser

7. Coconut Oil, Baking Soda And Honey

For a stunning sensitive skin cleanser, you can mix honey, baking soda and little coconut oil which would simply make your skin flawless. If you have dust, germs and such harmful elements on your skin, mix these ingredients and cleanse your skin with this face wash. Also use the Luke warm water to rinse this face wash and keep your skin bright! This is one of the basic and super cool ingredient which would brighten up your skin and would keep it radian forever!

Coconut Oil, Baking Soda And Honey

8. Wheat Germ And Avocado Oil Cleanser

Oils are super stunning for your skin. This is an amazing natural cleanser which would make you skin free from dust, germs and such harmful elements. It will also allow blood circulation and would keep your skin smooth, fresh and flawless. Mix these oils and massage your face with this combination. Massage your skin for few minutes and rinse with Luke warm water! This would keep your skin fresh, moisturized and flawless!

Wheat Germ And Avocado Oil Cleanser