8 Essential Hypoallergenic Makeup Products You Must Have

8 Essential Hypoallergenic Makeup Products

Makeup is a daily routine for almost all women to keep their skin visibly flawless, and also to keep it sun proof and pollution proof to an extent. While all of us skin lovers invest in the best of brands we are familiar with, but don’t we still end up getting little rashes or few acne bumps sometimes? Well, this is simply because we fall short in ensuring that the product we are putting a hand on is hypoallergenic or not. In simple words, a hypoallergenic makeup product is the safest skin option that gives flawless finish without disturbing the skin’s pH an iota. Which means, it poses no risk of any kinds of minor or major allergy whatsoever. So, have a look at the 8 hypoallergenic makeup essentials we have exclusively listed for you.

1. Physicians Formula Nude Wear Foundation:

This is a suitable water based foundation for women having ultra reactive skin, and also the ones having acne marks. It gives maximum buildable coverage without cracking on the skin. It is water resistant, ultra light and feather soft. Its mild light reflecting glitters add glow.

2. Marcelle Hypoallergenic and Fragrance-free Flawless Concealer:

Built on an oil free formula, this is a camouflaging concealer that takes the colour of the skin. Available in a range of 3 shades, you can customize your shade by blending all 3 given shades. It works as a spot corrector as well as a colour corrector by gliding on red blotches smoothly.

3. Skin2Spirit Mineral Mascara:

This mascara doesn’t fall short in pampering the lid skin, because it is infused with deep conditioning and hydrating molecules. Keeping a note of how sensitive the eye skin is, this mascara follows a non allergenic and no gluten concept. It lasts for over 8 hours and does not transfer into your eyes. Also, it makes the lashes stronger.

4. Almay Truly Lasting Color Liquid Makeup:

This skin protecting formula (SPF 15) based liquid makeup is infused with activated Vitamin E molecules. It has a lasting life of over 15 hours without cracking or smudging. It is a perfect substitute to primer, concealer and foundation. It never breaks the skin out. You can easily find a shade complementing your undertone from the array of its 7 pigmented shades.

5. Jolie Cosmetics Sensitive Eye Mascara, Hypoallergenic:

This is a non allergenic and lash boosting mascara that helps the lash hair grow longer and stronger. Devoid of irritation causing molecules, it doesn’t cause redness, rashes or lumps near and around the eyelids. It can be worn off with plain tap water after 10 long lasting hours as well.

6. Physicians Formula Eye definer Automatic Eye Pencil:

This is a deeply pigmented Kohl that can ideally be used as an eyeliner too. Built on a strict no-oil and no-fragrance formula, this eye pencil does not lead to rashes, lumps and irritation. It sketches the lid lines so smoothly that it doesn’t tussle against the lid and lash hair. It doesn’t fade for over 8 hours and is super light.

7. Dermacol Make-Up Cover:

Other than being allergy proof, this makeup cover is completely waterproof too. It doesn’t run or melt even under heat or moisture. Since it is devoid of any preservatives, it takes a step further and works as a hydrating non irritant makeup cover that is super light, creamy, smudge proof and wearable for over 9 hours.

8. Covergirl Clean Sensitive Skin Liquid Foundation:

Brought forth in a range of 7 varied shades, this creamy liquid foundation sets in the skin within seconds. It causes no allergy, since it is devoid of allergenic mineral oils and fragrances.

The above listed 8 hypoallergenic makeup products offer ultimate coverage without playing around with the skin’s texture and quality.