8 Effective Skin Care Tips For Teens


For a teenage girl, it is quite embarrassing to pimples, acne and scar on her beautiful face as an unexpected sign especially on that moment when she wants to attend any special function or celebrating event. For such teenage girls, the good news is that now they can easily get rid of such common skin problems by just following some special skin care tips for teens.

Following Are Some Most Effective Skin Care Tips For Teenage Girls

Wash Your Face Twice

For a germ free skin, it is always advised to a girl especially to school goers and college goers that they must wash their face twice a daily regularly with a mild soap and warm water. However, gentle massage of face in circular motion is highly recommended for such girls so that their always remain refreshing. For a good skin care, you must never over-wash or scrub hard your skin because it will result in irritation to your skin and will harm it to some extent.


Avoid Popping

If your skin is having pimples then don’t pop your pimples because popping of your pimples may cause redness and swelling in your skin due to pushing of infected material inside your skin tone.  If you notice sign of pimples coming just before any special event then you must consult a dermatologist as soon as possible so as to get fast aid in reducing risk of scarring or other skin infections.


Don’t Touch It Again And Again

If you’ve become a victim of pimples or acne then it is very essential for you to avoid fingering it every now and then. This is to be done so as to safeguard your facial skin spreading of bacteria’s that can make your skin pores prone to irritation and inflammation. It is also recommended for girls facing pimples that they wash their hands both before and after applying anything to their face so that your skin reside may not allow bacteria to spread in other portion of your face.


Always Clean Your Sunglasses

If you’re fond of wearing sunglasses or goggles while going outside from your home then you must clean it regularly before wearing it. This is needed to be done to keep oil of your skin away from clogging the pores on nearby region of your nose and eyes. Also, you must remember to wear only such glasses to cover your eyes which must not touch to pimples or acne spots present on our face because regular touch on affected area can cause acne to grow in other areas too of your face.


Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes

If you get acne on your body then you must avoid wearing tight clothes because tight clothes hinders breathing of skin which in turn results in skin inflammation and irritation. Apart from tight clothes, you must also avoid wearing of tight caps, scarves and headbands during treatment of acne because they also has an ability to collect oil and dirt on the skin.


Remove Makeup Before Sleeping

If you’ve done makeup to hide your pimples or acne because of any specific reason then it is advisable for you to remove all your makeup before moving to the bed for sleeping. Also during your acne problem, you must prefer only branded makeup kit that smells good because local makeup may harm your skin especially when you’re suffering from acne, wrinkles or scars like skin problems.


Always Keep Your Hair Clean

This must to be little embarrassing for girls seeking skin care tips against wrinkles and acne type problems that for your better skin care, your hairs needs to remain clean first. It is because unwashed hairs remain full of dirt and oil which can target skin pores of girls if they left unwashed and unclean for longer time. So, you must keep it clean and out of your face so that your facial skin remains away from additional dirt of your hair.


Safeguard Your Skin From Sun

Acne and wrinkles grows at a faster rate when it comes in direct contact with harmful ultraviolet sunrays during summer season. Direct sunrays have harmful impact on open skin of out-goers especially when it left uncovered. If you’re having acne and scars spot on your face then always cover it while moving out in summer because sunrays will not only damage your skin but also it can increase risk of skin cancer to your skin.



These are the 8 most effective skin care tips for teenage girls that can safeguard their skin in hot climatic condition. Even Dermatologists also suggests these skin care tips for better skin care to girls at young age. So, follow these tips and enjoy good skin forever.