8 Bad Habits That Can Cause Back Pain

8 Bad Habits That Can Cause Back Pain

Back is a concern of lots of girls these days. However they are not aware their trivial mistakes are the real cause of back pain. Simple, inappropriate habits can trigger off severe pain in your back. So you must which bad habits of yours can become the cause of back pain and how can you correct them.

Here Are Some Simple Bad Habits That Trigger Pain In Back Of Many Females:

Avoiding Warm Up Stretches Before Working Out

One of the common habits of girls is to not warm up before going for intensified exercises. As a result, your back is subjected to a lot of pressure leading to back pain. Make it a point to perform some simple stretches to stretch your spine before you go for cardio or abs exercises and weights to avoid back pain problems.

Runners Stretch

Incorrect Sitting Posture

Slouching in the chair on which you are sitting for many hours can result in back pain in girls. If you are sitting and working for long hours in front of a computer then you need to ensure you are sitting in a correct posture. Always sit erect on your chair with your back being supported by cushions of the chair.

incorrect sitting posture

Incorrect Lifting

Back injuries tend to occur when you lift heavy objects incorrectly. If you are picking up a heavy bag while traveling, then bend your knees and use support of your legs and then lift the bag. Keep the weight close to your body. Avoid twisting your body when lifting heavy objects. Make sure your spine is slightly bent and not completely bent while lifting.

incorrect lifting posture


Overeating leads to obesity, and overweight girls tends to suffer from back pain. Being overweight in the mid-section shifts the center of gravity of your body forward thereby, putting strain on your back muscles. Keeping your eating habits and weight in control can help prevent back pain and its hazardous effects.


Poor Eating Habits

Poor eating habits and eating food that is deficient in calcium and vitamin D result in back pain. You tend to suffer from internal injuries due to poor diet and lack of vital nutrients. You may suffer from deficiency of vitamin D and calcium that can lead to pain in back. Make sure you follow a balanced diet and eat calcium-rich and vitamin D-rich foods regularly to enhance your bone strength.


Incorrect Exercise Postures

Performing ab exercises without right support or with poor posture can lead to back pain in girls. Crunches are the primary cause of pain in back as your back lacks support while doing crunches. Incorrect postures, such as putting a lot of strain on your back or not maintaining your spine straight, can lead to back pain. Make sure you perform high intensity exercises maintaining the right postures.

Do Exercise Regularly

Standing For A Prolonged Time

Standing upright for a prolonged time, while commuting in a train or bus, can be the cause of back pain in girls. You need to shift your posture a bit, get some space to move, stretch a bit, and avoid standing continuously for a long time.


Wearing Wrong Shoes

Fancy shoes with high heels can lead to back injuries since they fail to offer support and lack cushion. So make sure you avoid wearing heels that don’t support your back well. Wear comfortable shoes that possess cushioned soles.

wrong pair of shoes