8 Australian Makeup Brands And Their Products


We all try our level best to look good and natural but most of us aren’t able to achieve the goal that has been set. We always look at models and think that they are just perfect. Models are really not perfect but their makeup is perfect, for sure. They put in efforts to choose the right makeup so that they can just look flawless. Most of the models, around the world, use Australian makeup products because of the promises that they make and those makeup brands also ensure that they live up to their promises without disappointing the customers. They are expensive for sure but it is worth the every penny that you pay.

List Of 8 Australian Makeup Brands And Their Products

Nude By Nature

This is a natural mineral foundation that will cover all the flaws on your skin. This is loved by Australian women and this is one of the highest selling foundation powders. In the commercials, the models promise that this foundation stays on the skin for a longer time and this foundation does stay on the skin for the complete day. This foundation also contains minerals and hence, this can be used by women with different skin types.


Tan Airbrush In A Can By Model Co

This is one of the best tanning products that are available in the market. If you want to tan yourself and if you don’t have sufficient time then you can go ahead with this tan airbrush. This is very easy to use and you can use this very conveniently like a deodorant. This is one of the most selling products in the global beauty market. Every 36th second, one tan airbrush is sold globally.


Great 50+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Cream By Ella Bache

Ella Bache is one of the first sunscreen brands that decided to increase the SPF concentration from 30 to 50. This sunscreen cream will help you to safeguard your skin from the harshest possible sun that one can think about. This is specially designed for sports professionals and it means that this can provide the maximum protection that one can think about. Apart from that, this sunscreen also tends to stay on the skin for a longer time and hence, you don’t need to reapply it frequently at regular intervals.


Rosewater Balancing Mist By Jurlique

Rosewater balancing mist is one of the most loved products globally. This will hydrate your skin and at the same time, it will keep the moisture balance in your skin. This is something that every woman likes to carry in her bag so that she can feel fresh throughout the day. This comes in a spray kind of bottle so whenever you want to feel fresh, you can just spray few times on your face to look completely fresh and hydrated.


Nail Strengthener By Revitanail

This is one of the best ways by which the strength of the nail can be increased. Most of us face from problems like nail breakage so here is the solution. This will strengthen your nails and on regular usage, you will notice that the breakage of nails is a history. This can merge with the color of the nails and hence, you need not be worried if you will have to skip your nail color. You can apply this nail strengthener as a base coat so your nails will be strengthened without letting go the beauty of your nails.


Daily Use Vitamin D Friendly Sunscreen Uva/uvb Broad Spectrum By Solar D

This sunscreen is different than that of the sunscreens available in the market. This is easy to apply as you can spray and just spread it out. This sunscreen also contains vitamin D and hence, this also nourishes your skin. This sunscreen lotion is not sticky and hence, you will be comfortable to wear it all day.


Beach Tint By Becca Cosmetics

This tint of color can be added to your lips as well as cheeks. The multipurpose bleach tint is easy to carry and apply. This is available in a small tube so you can carry it at all places and apply it whenever you feel like.


Mineral Therapy Illuminator By Face Of Australia

This is more like a foundation that will blend well with your skin and cover all the flaws. This is a fine paste so it can easily spread over your face. It is available in different shades so you can buy something that best matches with your skin tone. This is one of the most affordable illuminators that are available in the Australian market. This is completely harmless and hence, this foundation is even used by high school girls.