8 Amazing Soothing Oils For Managing Dry Scalp

Soothing Oils For Managing Dry Scalp

The main factors that lead to the problem of dry scalp include underlying health issues, dandruff, frequent shampooing, scalp infections, and eczema etc. Dry scalp is more prevalent during winters. Frizzy hair, flaking, and itching can be the result of dry scalp. This issue must be dealt in the right time in the right way, or else it leads to the trouble of hair fall. Maintaining the moisture content in the scalp is the most effective solution for dealing with the dry scalp. Some oils work wonder in soothing your dry scalp.

Here Is The List Of Some Amazing Soothing Oils For Managing The Dry Scalp:

1. Tea Tree Oil

You can simply depend on tea tree oil for combating against the dry scalp. The antiseptic nature of the tea tree oil is highly effective in fighting bacteria. It also soothes your irritated scalp. If you can, apply the diluted tea tree oil directly on your dry scalp. Or else, opt for those shampoos that contain tea tree oil.

Tea Tree Oil (2)

2. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil has gained a lot of popularity as a hair nourishing oil.[2] It works miracles in soothing your dry scalp as well. Massage your dry scalp with the coconut oil for two or three times in a week. It conditions your scalp to a great extent.

Coconut Oil

3. Lavender Oil:

If the dry scalp is extremely irritating, then, lavender oil comes to your rescue. By reducing the dryness in the scalp, this amazing oil works miracles in reducing the problems such as itching.[3] This oil is very helpful in reducing dandruff. It controls hair breakage as well. With all these qualities, lavender oil works great in improving the hair growth.

Lavender Oil

4. Lemongrass Oil:

Lemongrass essential oil is known to be highly helpful in normalizing oil production for dry scalp. It is light, antiseptic and fragrant. Heat some lemongrass essential oil.[4] Massage on your dry scalp. Vitamin A in lemongrass essential oil is very beneficial in soothing the dry scalp. Prefer massaging your dry scalp with lemongrass essential oil in order to restore moisture content in it.

Lemongrass Oil

5. Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba oil is excellent oil that works great in soothing your dry scalp. Take some carrot oil and add it to jojoba oil. Mix these oils together.[5] Apply the blend on your dry scalp. By stimulating the underactive sebaceous glands, the powerful blend gives you the relief from the trouble of dry scalp. If possible, you can add geranium oil to the blend. Geranium oil is very effective in strengthening the hair.

Jojoba Oil

6. Avocado Oil:

Vitamins in avocado oil are highly known to be beneficial in reducing the dryness in the scalp. By doing so, it makes your hair healthy and strong.[6] Take some avocado oil and massage your hair with it. Wait for fifteen minutes and then rinse your hair. This process is highly useful in soothing the dry scalp. This oil is very effective in making the hard tissue smooth and soft. By doing so, it gives you respite from dry scalp.

Avocado Oil

7. Olive Oil:

The soothing effects of olive oil make it a natural choice for reducing the problems such as the dry scalp and dry hair. Take some olive oil and massage your dry scalp and hair.[7] Olive oil acts as a natural scalp conditioner. It is very effective in moisturizing your dry scalp.

Olive Oil

8. Indian Lilac Oil

Other wonderful oil that comes to your rescue for managing the dry scalp is Indian lilac oil.[8] For maximizing the results, add one spoon of camphor to the Indian lilac oil. Then, use this mixture for massaging your dry scalp. Wait for some time and then rinse it off.

Indian Lilac Oil