8 Amazing Medimix Soaps And Face Cleanser Available In The Market

Medimix Soaps And Face Cleanser

Hygiene should be maintained everywhere, our body also needs hygiene for this we clean our body daily, there are many soap and washes available in the market, many companies are there which manufacture soaps, but we need soaps and washes which should be gentle on the skin. Medimix is the most trusted brand of the world, the product of medimix are herbal, here is list of the soaps and washes of the medimix.

1. Medimix Sandal Soap

Medimix sandal soap is luxurious ayurvedic soap, that comes In an unique formula, it comes in the combination of eladi oil, that helps in reducing any dark spots, blemishes and sandal oil helps in enhancing your skin tone by reducing any hyper pigmentation present on your skin. This soap is hand made with no animal fat present in it and it has nice sandal fragrance. This soap suit to all skin type people and helps in improving your skin complexion.

Medimix Sandal Soap

2. Medimix Classic Soap

Medimix classic soap is herbal hand made bath soap, that is loaded with combination of 18 herbs extract. This soap has antiseptic properties in it, as it helps in reducing the prickly heat, dandruff, dark spot and patches from skin. The packaging of this soap is simple, classic, it foam very well and has herbal kind of smell. This is 100% ayurvedic soap, that has no harsh chemicals present in it and improve your skin condition by reducing boils, acne or does not drying your skin.

3. Medimix Deep Hydration Soap

Medimix deep hydration soap comes with a goodness of essential oil such as lakshadi oil, glycerin and aleovera, that helps in moisturizing and hydrating your skin without making your skin drying. This ayurvedic soap helps in reducing the impurities or breakouts present in skin, pimples, acne and flaky irritated facial skin. This soap has a nice refreshing fragrance which make your skin feel fresh. This hydrating soap has anti bacterial properties and goodness of licorice because of turmeric, withania somnifera and other ayurvedic herb that make your face soft, supple, brighter and fairer.

Medimix Deep Hydration Soap

4. Medimix Clear Glycerin Oil Balance Soap

Medimix clear glycerin oil balance soap is an ayurvedic soap for people who have a sensitive or oily skin, this soap is in enriched with glycerin, eucalyptus oil and mint that, helps in reducing the production of excess oil from skin, makes your skin feeling hydrated or fresh, reducing the problem of skin such as psoriasis, eczema and improve your skin condition or complexion.

5. Medimix Essential Herb Ayurvedic Face Wash

Medimix ayurvedic face wash is ayurvedic face, that is free from soap and paraben and made with unique combination of essential herbs such as turmeric, aleovera and azadirachta indica, that not only rejuvenates your skin cell but also improves your skin texture and reduces acne or pimple. This face wash comes in transparent tube with green flip flop cap and the consistency of face wash is semi thick, that does not create so much lather but it still cleanses your skin very well. This herbs present in this face wash helps in healing your damaged skin, improving your skin tone, reducing tan or pigmentation present in skin and keep pimple, acne or impurities from your skin.

6. Medimix Transparent Soap

If you have the dry skin, then you should try the medimix transparent soap, the green color soap has the glycerin content in it, which removes the dryness and the fine lines of the face, also it has gives good foam on the face, that cleans the pores also, it is 100% natural soap and best to use in the winter season.

Medimix Transparent Soap

7. Medimix Ayurvedic Anti Tan Face Wash

Medimix ayurvedic anti tan face wash is magical anti tan face wash, that helps in removing or lighten tan, hyper pigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin due to presence of natural ingredient such as tanaka that act as natural sunscreen which protect your skin from sun damage and improving skin clarity or texture. This face wash gives you visibly fair or glowing skin, fight all signs of damage skin, gives you clear tan free complexion with consistent usage in a few days.

Medimix Ayurvedic Anti Tan Face Wash

8. Medimix Glowing Skin Soap

Medimix glowing skin soap is the soap for all types of skin, it comes in the light yellow color and gives a nice leather on the face and skin, so all the dirt can easily be removed by it, your skin becomes smooth and soft, it has the sandal wood extracts in it, which reduces the dark spot and blemishes on the skin, it gives a long lasting fragrance of the sandal oil for a day.

Medimix Glowing Skin Soap