8 Amazing Feather Cut Hairstyles To Suit Women

8 Amazing Feather Cut Hairstyles To Suit Women

Feather this style has been popular ever since and keeps evolving with seasons and brings in new touch. Feather cut can look really trendy. Feather cuts are super versatile and they can easily be combined with other hairstyles. Here in this post, we will showcase some popular and most amazing variations of feather cuts that that will look good on any kind of face. Check out the images below and get inspired. All in all, there are loads of variations for feather cut hairstyles.

Listed Below Are 10 Feather Cut Hairstyles That Look Absolutely Amazing On Any One:

1. Red Feather Cut:

Sassy red slanting feather cut looks just brilliant with the fringe slants to one side covering one eye and making them look more mysterious. Dyed into the vibrant red for true the style is best suited to long silky hair; similar look can be achieved with wavier hair as well. This look will up your appeal make you look glamorous and sexy.

Red Feather Cut

2. Cleopatra Fringe Feather Cuts:

Here is an example of an exaggerated fringe covering the eyebrows and the feathered step cut hanging loose in front of the shoulders, this style has the 80s feel to it and might require some straightening maintenance with a hair iron if you have somewhat frizzy or wavy hair, therefore, this one is difficult to maintain. Try this if you want to bring the feather curls forward and in front of your shoulders, you can also bunch everything up in a high ponytail if you are in a hurry and don’t have time for hair ironing.

Cleopatra Fringe Feather Cuts

3. The Cute Version Of Feather Cut:

This layered feather cut style consists of layers that frame the face nicely. It takes a time to do this hair cut and maintain it as well. The first layer of the hair cut is chin length curving inwards while the second layer is further down side swept fringe completes the look making you.

The Cute Version Of Feather Cut

4. Feathered Cut With Highlights:

The layered effect of the feather cut can be amplified with highlights. You can give multiple coloured highlights or single colour these highlights will make your feather cut really special and outstanding.

Feathered Cut With Highlights

5. Feather Cut With Bangs

Feather cut hairstyles are popular with Fashion models and celebrities alike they add super sexy bangs to their feather cut and this makes a super cool look. You can do this look and just walk into the party and everyone will be looking at you for because of the haircut.

Feather Cut With Bangs

6. Layered Feather Cut:

The feather goes extremely well with layers cut. You can do this hair cut if you have shoulder length hair at-least and if you wish to give your hair a volume. The hairstyle is composed by cutting feathered cuts into varying lengths the side swept fringe adds to the fashionable look and makes you look gorgeous.

Layered Feather Cut

7. Short Feather Cut:

Go messy chic with this inverted feather cut bob with the undercut at the back it is not too short and the styling at the front looks super cool this cut makes you super stylish and trendy.

Short Feather Cut

8. Undercut Haircut With Feathered Ends:

Recently undercut hairstyles have made their appearance in India this look is for the more daring and you are bound to get looks especially if you are moving outside the big city. However, this is not only a super stylish hairstyle with one side shaved and the other feather cut and long but is also extremely bold to go about it and you need guts for this style. Also, you can give it a new look by using different accessories.

These feather cuts are amazingly cool and they look super sexy. Any women can wear them on any occasion and make her look gorgeous like celebrities and models. Try one of them and we can ensure you wont repent and every one will be astonished with your new and stunning look. You can also accessorize these hairstyles in different way to give it a clean new look.