7 Wall Sit Exercise And Its Benefits

7 Wall Sit Exercise And Its Benefits

The exercises which are meant to strengthen your trunks, back, thigh muscles are generally called wall sit exercises. There are many wall sit exercises which one way or the other help to strengthen the three body parts mentioned. Who would not want a strong back, trunk or thighs if the cost is nothing but a set of some healthy exercises requiring a couple of minutes in the morning. These exercises are no dread, but offer a good start to the day. They make the individual feel delighted about the day and work on the parts as well. Some of the well -known wall sit exercises are mentioned below:

1. Simple Wall Sit

The first is the most simple and basic wall sit exercise. You need to keep your feet almost 1 and a half feet from the wall, 6-7 inches apart, knees in a 90 degree angle, thighs almost parallel to wall and then hold in this pose for 45-60 seconds depending upon your capability. This provides strength to the hamstring muscles and quadriceps muscles.

2. On The Ball

In this case, we have a ball between us and the wall. The ball can be a medicine ball, or a basketball too. You have to hold the ball form your back and the support of the ball and repeat the exercise same as the above but the only difference being that this time we have a ball instead of direct wall.

On The Ball

3. Towel-Ins Between Knees

Here, in this wall sit, maintain a pose like that of a basic wall sit explained in first exercise. Now, what you need to do is take a fluffy towel and put it between your knees and apply force from both knees to squeeze the towel. One can also use a medicine ball or a basketball too. This helps strengthen inner thigh muscles.

Towel-Ins Between Knees

4. Dumbbells And A Wall Sit

The same wall sit position now comes with linkage of dumbbells. This time you have to hold two dumbbells of weight as much as you can take in both of your hands, maintain the same basic wall sit position. Now, you have to slide down and go up. You need to repeat this wit 15-20 reps in a set and practice at least 3 sets a day.

Dumbbells And A Wall Sit

5. Marching In A Wall Sit

Once you attain the basic wall sit position, you now have to lift one of your legs forward keeping it almost parallel to the floor. Keep the leg like this for as much time as you can hold and then do this with the other leg. One should do this 5 times with each leg in a set and practice 2-3 sets according to comfort level. This strengthens your trunks and thighs.

Marching In A Wall Sit

6. Resistance Band

This one is for the hip muscles and outer thigh muscles strengthening. Wear this band just above your knees, come to basic position and then expand your knees to maintain space between the legs. Tightness shall be felt because of the band.

7. Squats

One should hold the wall with the palms for just a nominal support and bend on his/her knees in a way that the knees do not touch the wall. The sit-ups in this modified way are called squats and they offer good strength to your thighs.