7 Tips For Curling The Eyelashes

The beauty of eyes is important for women as it helps in making the face very pretty. For this, they use makeup products. Many types of eye makeup products are available in the market. Mascara is applied on the eyelashes so that the eyes look beautiful. Apart from this, curling the lashes also helps in enhancing the beauty of the eyes. It increases the fullness and thickness in the eyelashes. A tool called eyelash curler is used for curling the lashes. It is easy to use this tool. Buy an eyelash curler that doesn’t pinch the skin and crimp the eyelashes. Proper use of the lash curler curls the eyelashes and makes them look pretty. It lifts the eyes making it look open. You should learn the right method of curling the lashes. We will give some tips for this. Use our tips to get beautiful and curled eyelashes.

Here Are The 7 Tips For Curling The Eyelashes:

1. Clean The Eyelashes With Makeup Remover

Never curl the dirty eyelashes. The lashes should be clean before you use a curler. The old eye makeup and traces of mascara applied earlier should be removed well. For this, apply a makeup remover on the eyelashes and clean them to remove old makeup. Curl the eyelashes after that only.

Clean The Eyelashes With Makeup Remover

2. Use Mascara After Curling The Eyelashes

Curling the eyelashes after using the mascara is a big mistake that can cause harm to the lashes. Avoid doing this. Always apply the mascara after curling the eyelashes. For this, hold the curler on the eyelashes, clamp and press it to get nice curls in the lashes.

Use Mascara After Curling The Eyelashes

3. Hold And Press The Curler A Little Longer

Some of us just press the curler on the eyelashes and remove it immediately. This will not give desired results so avoid doing this. You should hold and press the curler on the lashes for a longer time to get a nicely curled effect. Don’t pull the curler on the lashes because this can uproot the eyelashes. Curl the eyelashes very gently without pulling the curler.

Hold And Press The Curler A Little Longer

4. Use A Heated Curler

The use of a heated lash curler is more likely to give you long lasting curls in the eyelashes. For this, you should hold the curler in front of a hair dryer and switch it on so that heat comes out. Switch off the dryer and cool the curler slightly till you can tolerate it on the skin. Curl the eyelashes with the heated curler.

Use A Heated Curler

5. Apply Vaseline On The Lashes

It is beneficial to use Vaseline to get curled eyelashes. Apply a very little amount of Vaseline on the eyelashes. After that, use a curler and curl the lashes with it. Vaseline contains high amount of wax, which helps in lubricating the eyelashes. It stops brittleness and tearing in the lashes. Vaseline is a natural mask for getting healthy eyelashes.

Apply Vaseline On The Lashes

6. Use A Clean Curler

It is important to take proper care of the eyelash curler. When you use the curler on a regular basis, it tends to become dirty with eye makeup like eyeliner and dead cells deposited on it. To avoid this problem, clean the curler and maintain its hygiene. For this, apply rubbing alcohol on the curler with the help of cotton. Clean the curler well. Do this one time in seven days.

Use A Clean Curler

7. Curl The Eyelashes With A Spoon

Besides using an eyelash curler, you can also curl the lashes with the help of a metal spoon. For this, you should hold the spoon with the edge touching the upper eyelashes. Press the eyelashes on the spoon just as you use the clamping motion on a curler. Press all parts of the eyelashes on the spoon like this to get curled lashes.

Curl The Eyelashes With A Spoon