7 Super Hot Fashion Trends

Hot Fashion Trends We all have our bad days when it comes to clothing and fashion. The bad days are worsened by hormonal bloating, mood swings, wet weather and culinary indulgences, which make our clothes ill fitting. This is all notoriously common and not something to lose sleep over.  Women can, however, take solace from magazines and fashion hoses for the latest fashion trends that are hitting the social circles. Here are some of the newest fashion trends to look scintillating and drop dead gorgeous.

Hot Fashion Trends

Well-Fitting Clothes

Wearing ill-fitting clothes is the biggest fashion faux pas that you can make. Wearing clothes too loose can make you look vulgar and grotesque. Often one gets to see scores of plump, overweight women wearing skimpy outfits that look positively horrendous on them.

Well-Fitting Clothes

No matter what your confidence or attitude seems to say, clothes that do not flatter the figure should not be worn. If you are overweight, stay away from skimpy and tight clothes, which reveal ugly cellulite.

You will only leave an unpleasant mark wherever you go. Stick to figure flattering ensembles that hide or disguise your jiggly bits and bring out only your best features. Choose garments that sexily skim over your body but do not look as if they are bursting from their seams.

Well Matched Outfits

You have to have an eye for clothing, colours and accessories. Wear garments that match. This goes for your clothing as well as your accessories.

For example, if you are wearing a feminine, lacy dress, please do not wear chunky jewellery or bulky boots with it. You will only look out of place. Feminine clothes should always be paired tastefully with delicate jewellery and classy footwear like pumps and stilettos.

Go in for subtle contrasts that do not take away from your outfit. Another arena where people go horribly wrong is the colours. Yellow bottoms paired with a horrendous pink will make you the joker of the gathering.

If you lack the knack for choosing colours, stick to monochromes or pastels, as they are safe colours to play with. Pair dark coloured bottoms with soft coloured tops. This will keep you in with the latest fashion trends.

Experiment with Accessories

Women should go all out with accessories and wear trend-setting accessories like watches, jewellery and hot tote bags. Wear 20 coloured bangles with a white dress and a bright satchel.

Experiment with Accessories

This will draw attention to your accessories and will take away all the attention from your simple dress. Avoid over accessorizing. Just stick to one or two timeless pieces.

A classy clutch or some colourful bangles will add all the zest that is needed for your outfit without making you look overly done up or over the top.

Invest in Timeless Lingerie

The most common mistake, which the best of women end up making, is wearing incorrect lingerie.  Your inner wear speaks volumes about you and how clothes sit on you.

Halter and push bras are currently in rage and can be teamed with several outfits like the peplum skirt or a figure hugging body con dress. Always wear the correct bra with your tops.

For instance, seamless bras should be worn with your t-shirts. Invest in quality sports bras to wear with your gym tops. Well fitting gym pants, trousers and bottoms should always be paired with seamless panties that do not show from underneath your clothes.

Women also miss the correct lingerie when wearing short dresses and halters. Special strapless bras and halter bras are now available and can be worn with these dresses. Always wear the correct fit of lingerie otherwise, others will get to see your unsightly bulges and bumps.

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Embellished Stilettos and Stylish Pumps

Your shoes too have a life and need to be changed after a few years. Stilettos and pumps are back with a bang and are ruling the roost in the latest fashion trends.

Experiment with Accessories

When buying shoes, invest in a quality pair that will last you for years and years to come. The same goes for sports shoes and sneakers. Wear sneakers that have soft padding underneath. The easy tone gym wear is a hot foot wear trend.

A Plethora of Colours and Patterns

Wear 2-3 colours to make your outfit look sassier. Try to limit your outfits to not more than three colours. In fact, sticking to monochromes and two coloured outfits is one of the best things you can do while selecting clothes as this is a current fashion trend.

Another rule of thumb that you should always follow is to match pale shoes with pale clothes and dark shoes with dark clothes. Your best bet is to pair cheques, stripes and prints with something plain.

This will make you turn heads. Be careful of how you wear prints and patterns if you are a bit on the bulky side. If you are overweight, loud prints will make you look fatter and uglier in the process.

Wear Scintillating Timeless Jewellery

Jewellery can never really go out of style. You can dabble with pearl chokers, diamond sets and silver jewellery, which is the hot new rage this season. These are also very wearable pieces that can be paired with almost any outfit.

Wear Scintillating Timeless Jewellery

Buy jewellery with semi-precious stones if it is more aptly suited to your budget. Pick up multi-hued garnets and cocktail rings, which are eclectic and versatile in the long run. Long earrings in crystal, stones and diamonds are the current rage.

You can save and invest in 1-2 pieces of dangling earrings for more formal and stately functions. Keeping the above tips in mind will have you looking glamorous and trend setting at the same time.

The idea is to look simple, tasteful and refined. Do not follow trends blindly but just use them as pointers to pick outfits, accessories and shoes that are well matched and well suited to your personality, frame and demeanour.

Follow these tips and stay sensibly fashionable. You will not only be a role model for other women around you but will also garner respect in the eyes of men who are always visually aroused.