7 Stylish Crop Top Outfits For Summers

Crop is the new IN thing. You can never go uncool when you are wearing a crop top outfit. However you do need to know how to pair it up with the right lower. Today, we are going to tell you about the 7 Stylish Crop Top Outfits for Summers. You will fall in love with all the looks that we have listed. If you want to stand out in the crowd and look the coolest, we suggest you to try these awesome looks. Take a look!

Here Are The 7 Stylish Crop Top Outfits For Summers:

1. High Waist Jeans With Off Shoulder Crop Top

How about wearing a high waist jeans with an off shoulder crop top? These days the off shoulder crop is very in. You will see most models and actresses being seen wearing off shoulder crop tops. Wear a bright color off shoulder crop top with a basic blue jeans. We like the light blue jeans a lot for this look. It should be high waist! High waist looks the best with crop.


2. Dungaree And Crop Top

The dungaree and crop top look is really cool and you will find this look very relaxed and casual. It is great to wear at college or just a day out with your girlfriends. Choose a short dungaree and wear a nice light colored crop top under it. Buy nice sneakers with it to look really cool.


3. Crop Top With Pencil Skirt

Now this is a very sexy look! Wearing a pencil skirt with crop top on a date will definitely assure you that you will definitely get a call from the boy whom you like. This combination is perfect for a date night or clubbing. You should definitely go for this look. Go for a high waist pencil skirt.


4. Crop Top With Flowing Maxi Skirt

This is a very feminine look. It is good for a lunch date or a brunch with your family. There is something so nice and soothing about a maxi skirt paired with crop top. In fact the only thing that looks good with a maxi skirt is a crop top. Go for bright colors. You can wear a black maxi skirt with a pink or mint crop top.


5. Crop Top With Shorts

If you love flaunting your nice body, this look is for you. Wearing really short shorts with crop top is a definite way to look good. Go for high waist shorts. In case you want to show off your belly button piercing, you can go for shorts which show your belly. You can pair this look up with a long jacket that looks very chic.


6. Crop Top With Leggings

This is a very popular look that many girls wear these days. Buy a white or black colored legging. You also get printed leggings these days. Pair it up with a loose crop top and you are good to go for a friendly day out or even college. This is a very casual look. You can amp it up by wearing a shimmery crop top with black leggings and pumps along with it.


7. Crop Top With Skater Skirt

The skater skirt is another popular pick among girls. Skater skirt is good for women with a wide lower body as it hides it. Also, it looks good on everyone. Pair up a skater skirt with a crop top and wear nice heels along with it. You could go for a party in this. You will totally rock.


We are sure you are going to rock all of the outfits mentioned above. You just need to go out for shopping first. Make sure you do not wear too many accessories. Also, wear your pretty smile!