7 Simple Techniques To Darken Your Eyebrows Instantly

Eyes behold beauty. When highlighted better, your looks can give a stiff competition to your own old self. However, despite taking all the pains and getting that near perfect look, do you still find them a little lesser than you expected? Well, that missing factor could actually be related to your eyebrows. When you enhance your eyes and highlight them to look bolder, bigger, brighter and smokier, it is equally essential to darken your eyebrows. Light and dull eyebrows make a peculiar contrast with the rest of your bolder features. So, if you have naturally light eyebrows, or you simply want to highlight them better, we have listed 7 simple hacks that will instantly make your eyebrows twice darker.

1. Use your Kohl Better

Kohl is called a woman’s best rescue beauty companion for a reason. It is because, kohl is multipurpose, when used smartly. While most of us are familiar with the fact that kohl works well as an eyeliner, not many know that it can actually be used to darken eyebrows. Pick a shade closest to your brow hair colour. Line your eyebrows with it. Moisten a pointed brush to smudge the kohl and fill the center space.

2. Use Bronzer

If you thought your bronzer is just a contouring product, you are about to be proven wrong. It also makes an amazing hack to darken your eyebrows. Be smart in choosing a shade one tone darker than the colour of your brow hair. Use a brunt precision brush, possibly your eyeshadow or lip brush, with semi wet bristles. Cover it with the bronzer to fill your eyebrows.

3.  Use Eyeshadow

You can actually create a contrasting match between your lashes and eyebrows that can actually add more intensity to your looks. Choose an eyeshadow one shade darker than the color of your lash hair after using mascara. Ensure using a highlighter underneath the eyeshadow on brows if you have added glitters to your lashes. Fill the brows using the eyeshadow after drawing the desired angle with the help of a wet pointed brush.

4. Use Dye

No, we do not mean use your normal hair dye, though you can give it a shot if you’re a makeup pro. Otherwise, we mean use an eyebrow hair dye. Eyebrow hair dyes are the easiest ways to add a lasting colour to the brow hair. They hardly take over 10 minutes. Follow the instructions with utmost attention to ensure you do not end up staining the skin around your brows.

5. Use Eyebrow Gel

Running on the concept of eyebrow hair dyes, eyebrow hair gels can also be used to darken the brow hair easily. Be sure of using them pre hand though. They not just add colour to intensity the brow hair, they also add sheen to them. It goes down too well with women who love to wear subtle eye makeup as well.

6. Use Eyebrow Powders

Just like you have blushes for the cheeks and compact, loose powder and pressed powder for the face, similarly eyebrow powder is a unique brow darkening filler that can be used for instant last minute touchups. It isn’t just hair darkening instant solution, it can actually minimize the visible appearance of all gray brow hair, with precision.

7. Use Mascara

Surprised? Well, don’t be. We do not mean use a mascara wand to add mascara to darken your brow hair. Dip a brunt brush in the mascara bottle. Ensure you do not dip the brush to a point where the mascara starts dripping. Comb the brow hair with an eyebrow brush. And apply the mascara on your brows from center to the outer edge. Let it dry naturally. Brush the hair with comb again to get rid of leftovers.
The above listed simple techniques can help you get a salon like precise look at home in a matter of few minutes. Just ensure one thing that you darken the eyebrows before applying eye makeup.