7 Simple Steps To Do Ulzzang Makeup

7 Simple Steps To Do Ulzzang Makeup

Ulzzang is a Korean term meaning pretty looking face. Ulzzang beauties are cute, innocent, appealing and mesmerizing with bright eyes, radiant skin, beautiful lips and a compact face. If you have every thought to try the ulzzang makeup to make yourself look like a ulzzang beauty, then here are a few tips to help you get the look right. The base makeup must be natural yet bright making your face visually flawless while the eye makeup remains light and bright. The highlight of this makeup is the popular straight brows that completes the whole look. Read on to know the basics to make your look nearly ulzzang.

Here Are The Simple Steps to do Ulzzang Makeup:

1. Moisturizer

Before starting with the foundation, apply a moisturizer all over the skin. Pat the moisturizer so that it is completely absorbed into the skin and keeps it hydrated. A well hydrated skin will be smooth and glowing from inside and in addition, the moisturizer will act as a smooth layer for applying the makeup.


2. Foundation

Go for a moisturizing foundation to even out, brighten and bring a dewy effect on the skin. Cover under eye circles, spots if any, try to get a nice luminous finish. Use a liquid highlighter on the forehead and nose bridge as well as cheeks for extra glossiness. Powder the nose area and brows to absorb oiliness. Powdering will also give a matt look.


3. Eyebrows

Korean style eyebrow is straight and horizontal, which makes you look more youthful. A few things you need to keep in mind for Korean style eyebrow is that the brows should look full like it has not been over tweezed. It should look natural and not over done. The brow should be straight with little bit or no curvature. Using eyebrow pencil, make your eyebrows look full, short and straight.


4. Eye shadow

Apply a bronze colored eye shadow or any neutral color. Shimmery eye shadows will give a jewel effect and enhances the eyes. Use liquid eyeliner to draw a thin winged eye and then do the mascara for the long lashes effect.

Eye shadow

5. Aegyo Sal

We usually try to hide under eye bags with concealer and foundation. However, in Ulzzang makeup, the pudge beneath the eye is accentuated, so that the person looks cheery and youthful. ‘Aegyo-sal- is a Korean word used for baby eye fat. Although there are many ways to accentuate the under-eye puffiness, you can easily do it using an eye shadow and highlighter. The double-edged shadowing as well as highlighting tool will help you create an illusion of fuller under eye bags easily.

Aegyo Sal

6. Lips

Exfoliate your lips in case your lips are dry. Apply a soothing conditioning balm to moisten the lips so that you can get a smooth surface to apply the lipstick evenly. Dot concealer over the outer edges and then blend it across the lips with a brush. Always choose a liquid concealer, as it is easy to cover the cracks and lines on your lips. Once you apply an even layer of concealer around the edges, apply a bright red or pink lip color on the inside of your lips and finish it with a lip gloss.


7. Cheeks

Blush will augment your natural beauty by giving a youthful glow to your cheeks. You can choose liquid, powder or cream based product depending on your skin type. Powder works well for those with combination or oily skin while cream is best for dry skin. Dot a bright pop of shade onto your cheeks and then tap the cheeks to even them out for a pretty blushing effect.