7 Remedies For Your Infected Piercing

Piercings look stunning and trendy. There are numerous ways to get amazing piercings over the body. Piercings are the new trend and look adorably stylish and not only youth but the teenagers, the elder people all love to have piercings at various parts. However, piercings are painful and the pain and infections post piercings are really painful and discomforting. These infections cause swelling, bleeding, bumps and even mild fever. The infections and pain are not to be ignored and must be care properly to avoid intense and adverse effects.

Here Are The 7 Remedies For Your Infected Piercing:

1. Apply Alcohol

If you witness swelling or bleeding over the pierced area, try rubbing some alcohol over the infected area. Alcohol works wonders on the infections and would help in reducing the spreading and other problems related to piercings. Alcohol would stop the itching and burning and would reduce the swelling notably. Apply alcohol twice a day over the infected area and you will get relief from the pain and itchiness of the infection soon.

Apply alcohol

2.  Sea Salt Or Regular Salt With Water

Saline solutions and mixtures help in the infected piercings. It would provide calmness and reduction in pain and itching in the infected area. The salt is a natural ingredient which helps in stopping the infection to spread and to stop the infected area from swelling. You can use this solution twice a day for getting quickly relief from the infected piercings.

Sea salt or regular salt with water

3.  Cool-Warm Compress

If you have huge swellings and minor infections at the piercings, try the cool or warm compresses. Also if you are suffering from minor bleeding in the pierced are, this technique would provide effective healing. Clean the area with cotton and use either warm water or cold water for compress. Dip a cotton cloth into warm/cold water and press it gently on the pierced area. Follow this process for some time until you feel a bit relieved and calm.


4. Neosporin

Neosporin and other anti bacterial gels and creams are available to protect the infections over the piercings. You can use these gels generally available at the medical stores. It would be better if you use the lotions prescribed by the doctors. These ointments provide deep and quicker healing without any side effects and soon recover the infected area.


5.  Pills And Pain Killers

There are many pills and pain killers available for reducing the pain and infection in the pierced areas. You can use these pills if you are not able to recover soon from the natural remedies. Piercing infections are painful and sometimes causes fever and body pain. In this situation, you can visit a doctor and can get the pain killers for getting rid of the pain of the infections and bleeding.

Pills and pain killers

6.  Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural remedy which would work wonders on your infected piercings. This natural ingredient has all the anti bacterial properties which would help in getting relief from pain, bleeding and swelling around the infected area. Apply this oil on the infected area two times a day and get relieved soon.

Tea Tree oil

7.  Use Antibacterial Soaps For Clean

Cleansing the infected area is the most important thing you should do while suffering from bleeding and swelling. Regular cleaning would help in stopping the infections to spread. Use antibacterial soaps for cleaning and washing the infected area. Be gentle on the infections, wash with water and soaps and tap dry. You can apply lotions to get rid of  infections rapidly.

Use antibacterial soaps for clean