7 Reasons To Use To Sunscreen Daily

7 Reasons To Use To Sunscreen Daily

Sunscreen is a normal all seasons skin and hair care beauty product. You will always find an accurate sunscreen for your face no matter you have oily skin, normal skin, dry skin, combination skin or sensitive skin. They can be gel based as well as water based. In fact, hair sunscreens have also taken the market with a huge storm. Since hair are equally damaged by sun, hair sunscreens have been working wonders. Sunscreens, for skin as well as hair, offer different SPF covers. Sunscreen sprays have also been launched in the market. It is very essential to pick a suitable sunscreen to groom your skin and hair. Today we will give you 7 reasons why should you use this wonder sun armour in all weathers without fail.

1. It Reduces The Risk Of Skin Darkening

Ultraviolet rays are the major culprits that cause tanning. Unwanted and uncontrolled sun exposure increases the melanin formation. This leads to pigmentation that makes the skin twice darker than your actual complexion. Such heavy tanning isn’t easy to get rid of. A broad spectrum sunscreen doesn’t let the harmful UV rays to pass through your skin. This, keeps your skin fairer and glowing even in peak summers.

2. It Protects The Skin From Dryness And Burning

Excessive heat can remove essential oils from the skin. It can also decrease the water content in the skin cells. Such skin becomes excessively dry. Dry skin results in inflammation that causes itching, cracks, freckles and even pain. In fact, uncontrolled heat exposure can also cause sunburns. They are big red burns that are very painful. A sunscreen doesn’t let the sun to dry the cells. It also minimizes the chances of getting burnt. Thus, the skin doesn’t look dull and unkempt.

3. It Reduces The Chances Of Premature Skin Ageing

UV damage results in the formation of free radicals on the face and body. These free radicals create toxic atmosphere that makes the skin dry and peeled. They also damage collagen. Collagen is a natural skin protein that produces healthy skin cells and binds them together. Damaged collagen loses its flexibility and fails to hold the skin cells firmly. This results in wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots and blotches. The skin starts looking twice its real age. But a broad spectrum sunscreen doesn’t let the free radicals to evolve on the skin at all. It also keeps the collagen active. Thus, it not just reduces the chances of early ageing, it also heals the damaged skin and restores youth.

4. It Reduces The Risk Of Skin Cancer

UV rays result in 3 types of skin cancers: Melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. All the 3 types of skin cancers can be easily avoided by reducing sun exposure. Thus, sunscreens are the best bet against skin cancer. A very high broad spectrum sunscreen is mainly more essential for women with fair skin. This is because, melanin is the natural cancer foe that reduces the chances of skin cancer. And fair skin contains melanin in small traces. A lesser SPF sunscreen works for dark skin tones. Thus, you should wear your sunscreen everyday, irrespective of your skin colour though.

5. It Maintains The Skin’s Texture And Glow

Sun damaged skin results in freckles, blotches and dry patches. This disturbs the pH level of the skin. The skin starts looking blotchy and uneven. It also leads to inflammation that can cause redness. A sunscreen can easily reduce the blotches, freckles and dry patches by hydrating and moisturizing the burnt traumatized skin cells. The skin becomes toned. Thus, its texture improves imparting it a velvet soft feel and radiant glow.

6. It Reduces The Chances Of Acne

Acne can be caused due to dryness as well as excessive oil formation. And both these skin conditions are a result of disturbed skin pH. And sun damage is one of the major reasons that makes the skin’s pH acidic by fluctuating it. It results in painful acne breakout that becomes very difficult to be handled. A sunscreen can easily restore the skin’s normal pH level. Thus, it protects the skin from pimples and pimple marks.

7. It Protects The Hair From Dryness And Dullness

Sunscreens are not just a skin care product anymore. Since hair are equally prone to sun damage, the market has flooded with hair sunscreen sprays and oils. Sun damage removes moisture from the scalp. It results in scalp dryness. Scalp dryness is a major cause of dandruff, itching and hair breakage. This makes hair frizzy, brittle, dull and coarse. It leads to hair thinning due to hair fall. A hair sunscreen protects the the scalp from sun induced dryness. It makes the hair strands sun ready as well. The resulting hair are lustrous and soft.

Thus, sunscreens, in every way, are your skin and hair strongest armours against UV damage. The regular use of face sunscreens make your skin fairer, younger and blemish free. And hair sunscreens make your hair lustrous, hydrated, soft and thicker.