7 Pros And Cons Of Body Piercing


In the contemporary world, people do not care about boundaries and status quo when it comes to styling themselves. Different is the new cool. People from the remotest corners of the world are indulging themselves in to activities that are outrageous and really lethal at times. Getting your ears pierced is good according to science and medical but getting your tongue and belly button pierced are simply a dumb move. You may not know but yes it is going to affect your health.

List Of  7 Body Piercing Pros And Cons

The Pros Of Piercing

An Exquisite Look 

Nose piercing is going to leave you with a look you will cherish for lifetime. You can roll in varied styles of pins and stylus and add a different dimension to your style.


Fast Healing

Nose piercing is one of the easiest piercing. No pain and faster healing. Nostrils are made up of cartilage hence they do not pain like other body parts. Nose piercing allows you to take care of the wound. You can make use of disinfectants in order to keep the infections away while the wound heals.With nostril piercing the chances of getting it wrong is very less. The availability of huge chink of mass in the nostril leverages the piercer with a wider plot to pierce.


Boost Immunity

Nose piercing is also known to boost immunity. It helps you fight against cold. Nose piercing heals faster than any other piercing. This allows you to close the hole any time you want. Stop wearing the accessory and the piercing will go away.


The Cons Of Piercing

Nose piercing hardly has any side effects and cons but belly and tongue piercing can be a difficult thing to deal with. Here is a list of problems you might end up facing with a tongue or a belly button piercing:

Slow Healing

Unlike Nose, belly button and tongue are made up of different compounds. They do not have same agility that of nostrils and ears. You might end up losing some good amount of blood. The wound of belly button piercing and tongue are going to last longer than you can imagine. You will have to depend on medication it the problem persists.In case your wound has grown stubborn, infection is also going to flow. Regular bath alone is not going to help. You will need to regularly apply antiseptic disinfectant gently with cotton on the wound to help it heal faster, a little negligence and you might end up paying high prices.


Social Issues

Society is not going to look up at you with respect if you have got your eyebrows, tongue and belly button pierced. Though there is nothing wrong in it but the world is yet to grow that modern and out going. The skin near belly button is way different from the skin of the ear hence one needs to take extra care of belly button piercing. You will have to wear jewelry at every instant to stop the piercing from healing.


Extra Care

You will have to spend a lot of time and a lot of money taking care of the piercing. You simply cannot expect it to heal on its own. Spend some time everyday cleaning it and styling it.


Medical Side Effects 

The belly button piercing is not going to help you medically; it might alter with your digestion though. It is important that you are persisting with the idea of getting more piercings done in the future.


Piercing is good only when limited up to nose and ear. Extending it to belly button and tongue are going to affect the natural health cycle.