7 Popular Hebrew Tattoo Designs

A tattoo not only adds beauty to your skin, but also is seen as a reflection of your personality. Hence, choosing what you want to be inked on your skin is very important. Apart from inspiring you and helping you stay positive, tattoos need to be distinctive, attractive and striking. So, many people go for ancient scriptures to make their tattoos look cool, trendy and yet unique. In this way, Hebrew tattoos are something that is getting popular nowadays. Its exotic look, religious significance and ancient mystique makes it the hottest thing when it comes to skin art. Here we have compiled few interesting and most popular Hebrew tattoos. Check out to know what fascination these mysterious and beautiful tattoos speak up.

Hebrew Tattoo Designs

1. Hamsa

Hamsa or the hand of Miriam or simply the hand, is a symbol that will protect one from evil. It is believed to ward off evil and offer good fortune. It is also combined with fish symbols and given a floral touch to make it more feminine.


2. Love

“Love” is a very popular Hebrew tattoo due to its simplicity, calligraphy and style of Hebrew scripture. To keep reminding yourself the secret, it is just love that keeps the world going around. Keep your tattoo simple yet stylish, simply inking the term “Love” in Hebrew will be just ideal.


3. Yahweh

Yahweh is a very sacred and the name of God, who created the universe according to the ancient Jews. It translates to Jehovah, the true God’s name revealed in the Bible. Inking “Yahweh” on your skin is a perfect way to show how spiritual and religious you are.



4. Hebrew Phrases

There are many wonderful Hebrew phrases associated with love, life and religion. Choose a favorite phrase of yours and ink it on your arms or along the spine to make it look stunning and unique. You can also translate your favorite phrase from any language into Hebrew and get it inked on your skin. However, be careful that the phrase does not lose its meaning during translation. If possible refer to the Hebrew Script before tattooing. Hebrew is an elegant and pictorial language and hence perfect for the tattoos. Some of the commonly used Phrases include – ‘Hephzibah’ meaning ‘I desire/want her’, ‘Love is Life’, ‘He has Risen’ which means ‘resurrected’. This phrase can also be combined with a Christian symbol like a Cross.

Hebrew Phrases

5. Star With Phrases

Star symbol is considered holy among Hebrews. Besides being an interesting and fascinating symbol, star is something that show you light and path in the dark. Hence, it is a very popular symbol among Hebrews. Famous phrases written in star symbol is again a popular and most inked tattoo design today.

Star with Phrases

6. Hebrew Bible Tattoos

Hebrew text originated in the 11th century BC and closely resembled Aramaic. The Hebrew script needs special calligraphic demands and is one of the respected and most sought-after tattoo script. It is also referred to as ‘The Holy Language’ and hence a common choice when it comes to biblical tattoos. Hebrew Bible Verses are focused in this tattoo.

Hebrew Bible Tattoos

7. Tree Structured Tattoo

This Hebrew tattoo has a big tree that is inked on the entire back. It also has Hebrew scripture. The meaning could be many and varied and a significant form of symbolism. Generally, it is diagrammatic representation signifying the beginning of our Universe. Besides speaking of the origin of the Universe, it also tells about the Man’s place in the Universe.



Tree Structured Tattoo