7 Natural Ways To Induce Periods

The problem of irregular menstrual cycle is a common complaint among countless women. Delayed monthly menstrual cycle can lead to unwarranted stress and tension. Irregular menstrual cycle basically refers to monthly periods which commences after much delay.

The chief medical reason for delayed periods is polycystic ovary syndrome. However, women who smoke or drink excessively, lead an unhealthy lifestyle, are dependant on specific medications or exercise excessively may also notice a delay in their monthly periods.

Natural Ways To Induce Periods 

The best way to ensure that your periods arrive on time every single month is to make some minor changes in your lifestyle habits. Drink and smoke in moderation, eat healthy food, exercise sensibly and maintain a healthy body weight to mitigate the problems related to monthly menses. Additionally, there are many natural ways to induce periods. A few natural techniques to induce monthly menstrual cycle are examined below.

1. Ginger Drink

Ginger drink prepared from dried ginger powder can help to induce periods, thereby normalizing the monthly menstrual cycle. Consuming large quantities of fresh ginger can lead to stomach acidity. So, prepare a ginger drink by dissolving one teaspoon of dried ginger powder in a glass of warm water. Ideally, have ginger drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for a few days to induce periods.

2. Celery Juice

A safe and natural way to induce periods without experiencing any unpleasant or dangerous side effects is to drink plenty of celery juice. Doctors recommend fresh celery juice to women who suffer from irregular monthly menstrual cycle. To induce periods, prepare and drink fresh celery juice at least twice a day. Certain natural compounds present in celery juice, encourage the onset of periods by stimulating the uterus.

3. Sexual Intercourse

Another natural way to induce periods is to engage in sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse helps to contract the uterus, while relaxing the vagina simultaneously. Certain hormones which are released by a woman’s body during sexual intercourse further help to induce periods.

4. Hot Water Pack

Hot water pack not only soothes the excruciating cramping pain during monthly menstrual cycle, but it is also a wonderful natural remedy to induce periods. Place a hot water bottle on your abdomen for ten to fifteen minutes at a time, twice or even thrice a day to induce periods.

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5. Fennel Seeds

This is a time honored natural remedy to induce periods. Add one tablespoon of fennel seeds to one liter of boiling hot water. Allow the fennel seeds to remain in the hot water for approximately ten to fifteen minutes. Sieve the fennel seeds and transfer the liquid to a clean container. Drink this concoction several times a day to induce periods.

6. Exercise

To induce periods, perform high intensity cardio and / or aerobic exercises. A strenuous workout session reduces overall stress levels, facilitates the release of ‘feel good hormones’ endorphins, and decreases the body estrogen levels. These three factors help to induce periods in a totally natural way without producing any unpleasant side effects.

7. Heat Inducing Fruits

A natural way to get your periods is to eat plenty of heat inducing fruits. Heat inducing fruits are basically fruits which produce a lot of body heat. Tropical fruits like pineapple, papaya and mango are few example of heat inducing fruits. So gorge on these succulent fruits to normalize your monthly menstrual cycle. Drinking parsley tea, having vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables are some of the other natural ways to induce periods.