7 Natural Ways To Bleach Your Skin At Home

Natural Ways To Bleach You Skin At Home

Skin whitening or bleaching is one of the most primary and widely spread concerns of women. Who does not want a glorious complexion with beautiful even toned skin? if you are too one of them who loves to have a gorgeous skin with cool brightness and shine all the day long, you must be using the bleaching agents which can make your skin bright and light. However, the products available in the market can make your skin greasy and uses various chemicals and minerals which are harmful and rough on the skin! Women have some worst experiences while going for artificial bleach which can lead to various other skin impairments. Especially if the wrong bleach is selected, the skin is in danger! Thanks to the natural ingredients we have for bleaching which can make the skin light and bright naturally! Go for these natural bleaching ingredients and have a cool bright skin!

1. Tomato Potato Juice

Tomatoes are filled with cool and natural bleaching elements and acids which can make your skin glow in no time! If you want a cool and bright skin complexion in just a span of 7 days, you can try this amazing challenge and get flawless results. ,tomatoes are filled with cool acids which can fight the dark and patchy skin, removes the dirt and impurities, gets your skin amazingly bright and smooth as never before!

Tomato potato juice

2. Honey Lemon

Lemon juice is citrus rich fruit which can work miracles over your skin. This cool and dazzling ingredient is filled with acids and nourishing ingredients which can simply bleach your skin and make it 2-3 shades lighter! If you want a natural bleaching agent, go for this smoothening and brightening honey lemon mask and you would love this cool remedy!

Lemon Honey Mask

3. Orange Peel With Lemon Juice And Milk

Orange peel is another bleaching agent which can work miracles on your skin. Mix some orange peel powder, lemon juice and milk and apply this bleach on your face. Use this bleach twice a week and you would witness your skin getting bleaches and brightened beautifully!

Orange Peel With Lemon Juice And Milk

4. Yogurt And Turmeric With Honey

Yogurt is one of the coolest ingredients which have multiple skin benefits among which bleaching is one! Yogurt is filled with acids and good bacteria which can nourish and lighten your skin and make it look super smooth and flawless. Mix some yogurt, turmeric and honey and this refreshing paste would work as a sharp bleaching agent for your skin!

Yogurt And Turmeric With Honey

5. Turmeric Lemon Juice Honey

Turmeric is a cool skin brightening and skin bleaching element which can make your skin shine! Mixed with lemon juice and honey, this amazing element would make your skin lightened, even toned, rid of all the impurities and skin infections too! Mix these ingredients and create bleach. This would get you some flawless results!

Turmeric Lemon Juice Honey

6. Cucumber Aloe Vera Lemon Juice

What can be more amazing if you have nourishing and bleaching ingredients which would all together work amazingly over your skin? This cool bleach would simply fight the pigmented skin and make your skin even toned with light complexion! Mix these ingredients and apply the soothing and refreshing mask and get flawless skin!

Cucumber Aloe Vera Lemon Juice

7. Egg White Mask

Egg white is a cool and amazing bleaching agent which can make your skin stunning! Egg nourishes the skin and makes it younger. Mix some egg white and lemon juice and apply this bleach on your skin. Let it work for 15-20 minutes and rinse! This would get you rid of the all the patchy skin and would make you look picture perfect!

Egg White Mask