7 Lip Balms By Body Shop Available In The Market

7 Lip Balms By Body Shop Available In The Market

Every girl wants that each part of her body looks attractive, lips are also most beautiful part on the face, everyone one wants that there lips should be pink, nourished and moisturized, in order to get that they apply many things on the lips, sometime natural things and sometime unnatural, our lips should be proper moisturized so we use lip balms on it, body shop manufactures varieties of the beauty products and lip balms are one of them, here are some of the lip balms available in the market by the body shop company.

1. Born Lippy Guava

This comes in a handy pack and you can put it in your pocket also, it has the flavor of the guava in it, which gives a fruity taste to the lips, the wax it used in it is natural bee wax and this lasts for about the 3 hours on the skin, as you applied it on the lips, you will get a nice orange color on the lips, it hydrates your lips naturally and there will be a nice shine on the lips.

2. Honeymania Lip Butter

This comes with the beautiful packing, the color of lip balm is golden in color due to the presence of the honey and it also has the wax of the honey, it has the shea butter in it, which moisturize the lips easily, little amount is sufficient for the lips and just one stroke gives a perfect shiny lips for hours, the best thing about it is that it has the shimmering effect on the lips.

3. Watermelon Born Lippy

This has the watermelon content in it, which gives the lips a natural red color for longer period, also it is handy and can be used for so many days, as you apply it, it give a very thin protecting layer on the lips, it has the pleasant smell of the watermelon in it.

4. Wild Argon Solid Oil

This is a good lip balm for the ladies who have slightly hard lips, as you apply this on the lips, the solid oil combine with the hard skin and make it soft and smooth, you have to give just one stroke to get the perfect finish, also it is light in weight and the argon oil in it, gives proper nourishment to the lips and gives a shine on the lips for some hours.

5. Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick

This has the nice packaging as it comes like a lipstick, just because of its shape it gives the perfect finishing on the lips and also less amount is used and it is hygienic also because you are not using your hands to apply it, the cocoa butter in it, gives you proper nourishment and also make your lips smooth and soft.

6. Coconut Lip Butter

This lip balm has the coconut oil in it, which is good for the lips to stay hydrated and moisturized, it gives a perfect shine and a fruity smell of the coconut, the shea butter on the lips gives proper shine to the lips and nourishes it gently.

7. Hemp Heavy Duty Lip Care

This also has the packaging like the lipstick, it has the hemp seed oil in it, which is good for the dry lips as it moisturizes the lips for longer time, it also make your lips smooth and you need to apply a little amount of it on the lips.