7 Incredible Ways To Use Calamine Lotion

Calamine Lotion is the boon for Oily and Acne prone skin beauties due to its soothing and mild astringent properties.  It is generally formulated with zinc compounds which works extremely well for skin cell renewal. It is being used widely to get relief from mild itchiness , insect bites and sunburns. It also helps to soothe the irritated skin hence it is suitable for sensitive skin beauties as well.It works as a great protectant to a skin. We would be discussing some of its benefits in brief .

1. For Acne

Of course this benefit would come first in the list. Calamine lotion is enriched with zinc oxide which contains anti septic properties. It helps to shrink the acne size and reduce it effectively. Due to its soothing properties it also helps to sooth the redness of the skin and reduce the swelling. You can simply apply calamine lotion daily on your acne and see it getting disappear faster.

For Acne

2. For Eczema

Calamine Lotion also works effectively to soothe the eczema as well. It helps to sooth and reduce the itchiness due to its anti bacterial and astringent properties. If your suffering from this painful eczema just apply a the calamine lotion over it regularly to get a great relief from it. It would also inhibit the scar formation along with the itching control.

For Eczema

3. For Sunburn

Why to get mad behind the home remedies and creams to sooth the sun burned skin ? Calamine lotion works best on Sunburn. The zinc oxide helps to soothe the irritated skin and also prevent the formation of blisters. You can use the calamine lotion to heal the heat burns as well. Just apply it on the effected area and let it remain open to work effectively.

For Sunburn

4. For Wounds

Calamine Lotion can be also use to heal the wounds also. Its anti septic and sterilizing properties helps to kill the bacteria and heal the wounds faster. You can simply wash the area with the help of an antiseptic soap and apply the calamine lotion on it . Cover it with a clean cotton gauze. If the wound is smaller then keep it open to heal faster.

For Wounds

5. For Blemishes

This is the another reason why calamine lotion is favorite among us.  Your nasty acne always leave a scar behind once they start getting cleared. Here calamine lotion comes to the rescue. Apart from reducing the acne it would also help to fade away the acne scars as well . You would need to use the calamine lotion on it regularly to see the acne scar fading. You can also use it under the make up as it works as a great make up base as well.

For Blemishes

6. For Sunblock 

Calamine Lotion contains Zinc oxide as a major ingredient. Most of you must be aware that our sunscreens contain zinc oxide which helps to control the harmful UVA and UVB rays effectively. Hence you can use the calamine lotion on your face and arms to protect your skin from sun rays as well.

For Sunblock

7. For Healthy Skin

Most of you must have noticed that calamine lotion contains Kaolin as an ingredient. This kaolin helps to get you the radiant skin. You can use calamine lotion as a moisturizer to keep it hydrated, pimple free and free from blemishes. Calamine lotion would help to improve the skin texture with regular usage.

Healthy Skin