7 Incredible Uses Of Lip Balms You Should Know

7 Incredible Uses Of Lip Balms

You will always find at least one lip balm in girls pouch. It is one of the essential things which we need to carry to protect our lips and sometimes to add a little tint. It is a must have for us. Have you ever wondered what would be other usage of these lip balms other than taking care of lips ? Let it be tinted one or plain one. We can use it in many other ways.  Eager to know? Lets have a look

1. For Thick Eye Lashes

Most of us might have heard that petroleum jelly can be used for the growth of eyelashes. It takes time but it does give you results. Our Lip balms are made from petroleum jelly hence it can be used on eye lashed to promote its growth. Lip balm also contains other nourishing oils which provides nourishment to lashes and speed up the process of growth. Apply the lip balm on lashes every night before sleeping and you should see the result over the time. Due to its nourishing and moisturizing content you can also use it on your under eye area.

For Thick Eye Lashes

2. Cheek Stain

Running out of a blush? No need to worry if you have your tinted lip balm handy. Just massage a tinted lip balm on the apples of your cheeks and you are ready to go.

3. For Baby Hair

Those nasty baby hair always trouble us while styling our hair. You can now tame those baby hair with the help of lip balm. Just apply a bit of lip balm on those baby strands and your problem is solved.

4. Eye Shadow Primer

Eye Shadow Primer acts as a base for your eye make up. It sets your eye make up on the place. Girls those who dont want to spend bomb on those expensive eye shadow primers can use lip balm for the same. yes you read it right. You can use lip balm as a primer to set your eye make up. You can use it before applying eye shadow.

5. For Shaving Cuts

Got a minor cut while shaving? No worries. Lip Balm come for your rescue. You can apply tiny bit of lip balm  on the cut to prevent bleeding. It can be used for other minor nicks as well. Remember Lip Balm can be used only for minor cuts.

6. For Dry Skin

Lip balms comes as a savior when it comes to treating dry patches on our face while we are travelling. Since we always carry lip balm with us it becomes very easy to manage it. Just apply a bit of transparent lip balm on the dry patches and let it work.

7. Reduce Hairline Stain

Whenever we color our hair, no matter how much do we take care but still we end up applying bit of color on our hair line and on ears as well. . Remove those stains is a tough job sometimes. Next time apply a thin coat of lip balm on your hair line and back of your ear and you would be easily able to wash off those stains while washing hair.

Since now you all are aware of these uses of Lip Balm, I am sure you would definitely try out. Do let us know if you know other uses well and share your experiences.