7 Home Remedies To Reduce Dandruff With Vinegar

7 Home Remedies To Reduce Dandruff With Vinegar
Dandruff is caused due to multiple factors, but whatever the cause be, it is one of the biggest issues most of us suffer with. Not just it causes scalp irritation and itching, it can well be a cause of major public embarrassment. The one way to get rid of mild to severe dandruff is opting for expensive salon solutions. And the other, easier and reasonable option is, using vinegar to take care of the problem. Vinegar, blessed with acetic acid and water, is one powerful dandruff foe. It offers various side benefits too.

So, Let’s Take A Quick Look At How You Can Use Vinegar At Home To Not Just Reduce Dandruff, But Kill It.

1. Vinegar With Lemon

Vinegar with lemon is your personalized anti-dandruff liquid astringent that is ideal for oily to combination scalp.
Mix 2 tablespoons vinegar with 2 teaspoons lemon juice. Stir the solution and refrigerate it for 30 minutes. Section your hair, and use a cotton ball to apply the chilled solution on your scalp. Add almond oil and rose water to the mixture to dilute it for dry scalp dandruff. Leave it overnight. Use a shampoo to wash it off with tap water the next morning. Use twice a week.
Vinegar contains bulk amount of acetic acid. And acetic acid kills bacteria and fungus, and hydrates the scalp cells, reducing inflammation. Lemon juice, adding to the strength of vinegar, removes freckles and absorbs extra oil, dandruff and sebum.
 Vinegar With Lemon

2. Vinegar With Glycerin

Vinegar with glycerin is your anti-dandruff serum that should be applied to the scalp every alternate day for reducing dandruff.
Add 1 teaspoon vinegar to half teaspoon vegetable glycerin. Mix well. You can also add tomato juice to the mixture, without pulp and seeds, if the dandruff is accompanied with acne. Massage your scalp with the serum for good 15 minutes, and wash with cold water using a shampoo in an hour.
Acetic acid will exfoliate the scalp and remove flakes. Glycerin will moisture the dry scalp, ensuring it stays well hydrated and its pH stays undisturbed. Vinegar will also shrink the pores after cleansing them and will repel dust from settling on the scalp, causing any further dryness.
 Vinegar With Glycerin

3. Vinegar With Honey

This is an exceptional anti-dandruff cleanser that also reduces split ends.
Mix 1 teaspoon vinegar with 1 teaspoon honey and stir well. Add 4 to 5 drops of peppermint oil to the mixture, in case the scalp is inflamed. Use a brush or a cotton ball to apply the cleanser on the scalp, running all the way down from roots to tips. Let it rest for 40 minutes and wash with cold water.
Vinegar reduces itching and gently starts reducing dandruff by cleansing dirt, sebum and flakes from the scalp. And honey moisturizes the scalp so that the traumatized cells are supplied with enough water to keep them plump. This makes hair stronger and reduces breakage. It also reduces the formation of split ends to improve hair texture. Peppermint oil reduces pain, redness and size of acne bumps.

4. Vinegar With Egg White And Colourless Henna

Now this is an interesting vinegar hair mask that reduces dandruff while adding glow and bounce to dry and sun damaged hair.
Mix egg white and vinegar in equal proportions and beat well. Add about half amount of colourless henna to the mixture to get semi liquid consistency. You can add almond oil to the solution as well, in case your scalp is too chapped and itchy to be touched. Apply every alternate day. Wear the mask for an hour, or an hour and a half, and rinse with plain water.
Vinegar restores the scalp’s disturbed pH that reduces itching and flakes. Henna cools down the inflamed cells and reduces pain. Egg white improves the keratin quality that makes the hair sun ready, and it also triggers the formation of new healthy follicles. It makes hair dandruff free, glossy and thick. And almond oil reduces the chances of scalp dryness by nourishing the cells with Vitamin E.
Vinegar With Egg White And Colourless Henna

5. Vinegar With Green Tea

This is a simple cleansing hair wash solution that reduces dandruff super fast. Mix 1 tablespoon vinegar with half tablespoon warm green tea. Add it in a bucket filled with warm water. Wash your hair with the solution each morning for 15 days to get rid of dandruff.
Vinegar and green tea boost the scalp’s health by killing pollution and free radical induced dandruff. They further reduce the chances of dandruff recurrence, because they contain antioxidants.

6.  Vinegar With Oatmeal

This is a hydrating and frizz controlling anti dandruff vinegar hair mask that suits all scalp and hair types. It makes hair manageable after exfoliating the scalp to remove dandruff. Boil oatmeal and keep about 1 teaspoon of it in a mixer. Add 3 to 5 teaspoon vinegar to the mixer to form fine runny paste. Apply on the scalp and hair. Wash it will water after 1 hour.
Oatmeal and vinegar add much needed water to make shrunken scalp cells plump. Vinegar removes flakes from the scalp and oatmeal exfoliates dirt and sebum.

7. Vinegar With Ginger Juice

This is an amazing anti dandruff hair spray that removes dandruff and dryness. It makes hair strands damage free and glossier. Add 2 tablespoons vinegar with 2 teaspoons ginger juice and dilute the mixture with rose/distilled water. Fill a spray bottle with this solution and mist it all around your scalp and hair length to reduce dandruff and add lusture.
Ginger contains gingerol. And gingerol kills dryness causing bacteria. And vinegar reduces dryness by restoring the scalp’s natural pH level. It exfoliates the scalp and removes all flakes possible. Eventually, dandruff gets removed.
The above listed 7 home remedies are your best bet against cost effective dandruff control, without any risk of hair loss or dryness. In fact, they make the hair shinier and completely damage free.
 Vinegar With Ginger Juice