7 Great Exercises For A Slimmer Waist


7 Great Exercises For A Slimmer Waist Who doesn’t need a slim waist? Women spend hours in the gym to get the body that they wish for. The fact is even after spending hours in the gym, you do not get the results that you need. We have seen many women who followed a good healthy diet and did home exercises and got great results. Getting a slim waist is not difficult. If you want to get a slim waist at home, you need to have a clean diet and you need to include some exercises which will help you lost the fat around your waist. We have listed the 7 Great Exercises for a Slimmer Waist. You will surely love the list. All these exercises are tried and tested. They work brilliantly!

Here Are The 7 Great Exercises For A Slimmer Waist:

1. Burpees:

This exercise has few movements that you need to follow. It is a very effective exercise and gets your heart rate up. First to need to squat then hold that position when you reach the floor. Now get into a push up position. Do a push up and come up to the starting position doing a jump. This is surely going to work wonders for entire body, It will help you get a slimmer waist. Do 15-20 burpees in a day.


2. Vertical Hip Lift:

Lie down on the floor on your back. Now raise both your legs. Now once your legs are raised in the air, move them left to right. Your hands should be on the sides placed on the floor. Do 8 and then take a 30 seconds break. You should do at least 40 in a day to see the results in a week. This will help you to reduce the sides of the waist and it helps you get rid of belly fat too.

Vertical Hip Lift:

3. Side Plank Hip Dip:

We all know about the planks! The plank is a good workout for your body but if you take it to the next level, you will get a slimmer waist in a month. All you need to do is do a side plank hip dip. It is very important that you have a correct posture for this workout. This can be easily done at home. You need to support your body with one hand in a side plank hip dip.

Side Plank Hip Dip:

4. Hip Bridge:

This one is easy but if you have any health problem related to the back, please do not do it. Now in this exercise you need to lie down on the floor on your back. Raise your body off the floor. You need to support your body with your feet and shoulder. This is called a hip bridge. It is very effective and it will surely get you a slimmer and toned waist. This is great for the entire body!

.Hip Bridge:

5. Wide Leg Plank:

This is not too difficult. Get in a plank position but you need to part your legs wide open and not in the regular plank position. Hold this position for 30-40 seconds and do 4 of these with breaks in between. This is a great workout for your abs and glutes.

 Wide Leg Plank:

6. Superman Exercise:

The superman exercise is easy and fun. It will help you strengthen your back as well. However we do not recommend this for beginners. The Superman exercise helps you to get a slimmer waist. You need to lie down on the floor on your tummy. Stretch your hands in the front. Get them off the floor in front of you in the air. Now you need your legs to be off the floor too. Once you do this exercise, it will actually look like you are flying like superman.

 Superman Exercise

7. Mountain Climber with a Pushup:

The mountain climber exercise gives you excellent results. You will not just get a slim waist but also reduce the whole body weight. This utilizes the core. Be in a plank position and make sure your shoulder is holding your body. You need to get your one leg up and then one leg down like you are running or climbing a mountain. It has to be fast! This is such a great workout and it will benefit you in a long run.

Mountain Climber with a Pushup:

Are you going to try these workouts? Well, you should! You have no idea that if you do these workouts, you will be able to lose a lot from your body. It is not so difficult! Just try these at home and see the difference yourself in a week or two. Make sure you do not eat junk and needless sweet. It all starts in the kitchen! Be regular with these exercises and you will get a beautiful body.