7 Gorgeous Lipstick Shades For Wheatish Skin Tone

Finding the lipstick shade that complements your skin tone can prove to be a tedious task. Especially, for women who have a wheatish skin tone. As this skin tone lies somewhere between fair and dark. In other words, it is a medium skin tone and selecting the right lipstick shade for it can be quite tricky. Opting for a lipstick shade that suits your skin tone is extremely important. As the right lipstick shade can enhance your overall beauty, while a wrong one can bring down your beauty quotient. That is why, we have brought together an amazing list of lipstick shades that will look stunning on wheatish complexion.

Here Are The 7 Different Shades Of Lipstick That Will Look Great On Women With Wheatish Skin Tone:

1. Burgundy

This flattering lipstick shade is making waves all over the world. Though it looks great on all skin tone, but it is considered extremely suitable for women with wheatish skin tone. Day or night this lipstick shade looks great at any time and during any occasion.


2. Fuchsia

This bright and bold lipstick shade looks great on women with wheatish skin tone. It enhances their style appeal and add extra oomph to their personal style. Rock this vibrant lipstick shade with a little black dress or a light-colored shift dress, the choice is all yours.


3. Peach

This subtle yet stunning lipstick shade is in fashion right now. Peach goes very well with wheatish skin tone. It goes well with formal or casual outfit and looks great irrespective of the time.


4. Mauve

The hint of purple in this lipstick shade, makes mauve one of the trendiest lipstick shades of modern times. And it looks incredibly amazing on women with wheatish complexion. This shade complements this particular complexion.


5. Coral

Coral is one lipstick shade that is all kinds of stylish. Especially, when women with wheatish skin tone opt for this lipstick shade, the result can be astonishing. Hints of coral on your lips can enhance your wheatish complexion.


6. Matte Red

The classic matte red is one shade that pops on wheatish skin tone. Other than looking flattering, it can also make heads turn in your direction. This shade can be rocked to work or to a night out with friends.


7. Nude

This all-time hit lipstick shade can raise your beauty and style quotient. This vivid and stunningly versatile lipstick shade is not only work-appropriate but can also go with casual outfit.