7 Feminine Deer Tattoo Designs For Women

Deer Tattoo Designs For Women

Few animals on earth have a feminine beauty that attracts women. An animal which has radiant and colorful skin with attractive designs on it certainly captivates a woman. Deer is such an animal which has a terrific feminine beauty. That is why tattoos that follow deer are very popular among fashion conscious women.

Meaning Of A Deer Tattoo

Deer is perhaps the most beautiful of all herbivore wild animals. Not only for its skin the horn of a deer makes it look captivating also. Besides a deer can run with such speed and elegance that also presents a terrific wild beauty. Deers are intelligent animals also. Sensory organs of a deer are very strong which save this animal from other predators in the forest.  Though deer is not particularly a domestic pet but it is a favorite animal of mankind that is a top attraction of any zoo. Children like deers very much. In ancient Celtic culture the god of forest Cernunnos was associated with deer. This Celtic god had horns like a majestic deer. Generally a deer tattoo stands for feminine beauty, grace, intelligence, nobility, unity, some sort of spirituality and peace.

Places In The Body Where A Deer Tattoo Is Made

A deer tattoo can be made in places like back, shoulder, arms, side of the body, legs and lower abdomen.

Here Are 7 Feminine Deer Tattoos Designs For A Woman

1. Deer Head Tattoos

Terrific deer head tattoos are found in the market which have deer head either from front or from side. A deer head in 3D looks awesome in a woman who has an attractive back.

Deer Head Tattoos

2. Standing Deer Tattoo Designs

A deer in full figure standing pose tattoo is not that much common like a deer head. Still tattoo designs have standing deer in 3D,  in depth less black silhouette and in 2d.

Standing Deer Tattoo Designs

3. Deer With Flower Tattoos

Women love beauty of flowers. That is why a beautiful deer head with flower or flowers like rose tattoo designs are aplenty in tattoo market.

Deer With Flower Tattoos

4. Tribal Deer Tattoo Designs

Interesting artful deer head designs either from front or from side are available in tribal art. A must have tattoo for women who prefer simple tattoos in the body.

Tribal Deer Tattoo Designs

5. Bambi Tattoos

Women who love children very much and who are fans of family movies can go for a Bambi tattoo in the body. Bambi is a cute baby deer from the blockbuster feature film from Walt Disney.

Bambi Tattoos

6. Cernunnos Tattoo Designs

It is already told that according to Celtic culture Cernunnos is the god of forest who has horn like a big deer. Interesting Celtic tattoo designs show Cernunnos with big spectacular horn. Lovers of tribal designs can have a Cernunnos tattoo in the body also.

Cernunnos Tattoo Designs

7. Deer Skull Tattoos

A skull, be it human or deer represents the same negative meaning of death and destruction. Therefore a woman who wants to wear a deer tattoo for graceful feminine beauty and positive message to the society should avoid such a deer skull design. Though several tattoo designs show deer skull with big horn.You want to have a beautiful deer tattoo in the body. Kindly choose carefully from the list given here.

Deer Skull Tattoos