7 Fascinating Behind The Ear Tattoo Ideas For Girls

7 Fascinating Behind The Ear Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Behind the ear tattoo is the current fashion trend that is quite popular among girls. It is classy, cool and a chic stunner style that enables you to wear your favorite symbol without spoiling any prominent body part. These tattoos will help you look different from others and expresses your feelings and attitude. Adorning something that is appealing can have a great impact on your personality. Here we have listed seven trending designs that look great when inked behind your ears.

Behind The Ear Tattoo Ideas

1. Flower

Flowers are sweet, soft and very girly so is an inked floral pattern. To express your personality, ink a floral pattern, a single flower or stalked or a few with vines, behind your ears, it will look simple, cute and still unique and most adorable. Each flower has a symbolic meaning ranging from protection, love to wealth and warnings.


2. Musical Notes

If you are a music lover, just show it off by going for a musical note tattoo behind your ears. A single note or a row of tiny notes both will look awesome as if playing a beautiful, heart-touching tune behind your ears forever.

Musical Notes

3. Celestial

Celestial patterns are very popular among teens, especially, stars and crescent moon are a craze among girls. A single star or a few, half moon with or without stars all are good enough to make a statement. Even miniature astrological constellation of your birth sign would look fantastic. These celestial designs signify Success, Uniqueness, Accomplishment, Good Luck, Individually, Religious Faith, Challenge to conquer etc. To enhance the meaning of the tattoo and make it unique you can also incorporate other images along with this tattoo.


4. Butterfly

Butterflies are symbols of Spirituality, Love, Grace, Transformation, Femininity, Resurrection and Rebirth. The Butterfly designs are trending the most among girls. They are not only cute but also eye catching and elegant. No matter you opt for a large single butterfly or a few tiny ones, whether colored or simply black, it will make you look more sexy and feminine. There are several variations of butterfly tattoos that incorporate numerous elements such as Tribal, Celtic, Gothic, Monarch, Butterfly Skull, Butterfly Dragonfly etc.


5. Fairy Tattoo

Fairies are magical, feminine and playful creatures, who can grant your wish and desires. The Fairy tattoo design portrays various perspectives from mischievous spirits to sensuous women. They also symbolize youth, grace, freedom, innocence, spirituality and a connection with nature. This amazing mix of personalities is the reason behind the popularity of this design. These tattoos are black or brightly colored and there are a number of variations of this design.

Fairy Tattoo

6. Birds In Flight

The flying bird design tattooed behind the ear looks not only spectacular, but may hold deep meaning for the wearer. This is one of the popular recurring tattoo designs particularly favored by women. The design might serve as a constant reminder of you moving forward in life despite several challenges and this could be quite inspiring. It also symbolizes free spirit, freedom or a desire for constant change in life. The small black birds in flight also indicate that the wearer likes to live a life without too many obligations or restraints. There are tattoos of various species of birds and each one has a different meaning.

Birds in Flight

7. Initial

An initial in a stylish artistic font behind the ear will be lovely. Be it your own initial or that of your most special ones’, it will look clean, neat, pleasant and cool. Moreover, it will remain a permanent reminder in your life.