7 Effective Beauty Tips By Shahnaz Husain To Remove Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation is an ugly outcome of skin’s bare and brutal exposure to sun, pollution, climatic changes and unhealthy diet and lifestyle. It is as difficult to combat as easy it is to get hit with. It makes the skin uneven and ruins its texture completely. Also, it not just makes the skin cells coarse, it also starts drying out the skin making it darker and patchy. Such skin isn’t easy to be repaired to a point where it starts glowing in a short span of time, when dealt with on your own. But experts opinion actually work wonders for such skin types. Which is why, we have compiled 7 rescue beauty tips by Shahnaz Husain that will help you retain your lost complexion and sheen in a very short span of time. Follow them right away.

1. Use Sandalwood Fairness Cleanser

Instead of using a normal face wash in the morning, simply mix 1 teaspoon sandalwood powder with half teaspoon finely grinded rice flour, less than one fourth teaspoon turmeric and about 1 teaspoon rose water. Massage your face with this paste for 5 to 10 minutes and wash with tap water.

Use Sandalwood Fairness Cleanser
2. Use Tomato Exfoliator

Instead of opting for weekly scrubbing, pigmentation hit patchy skin needs frequent exfoliation. Which is why, Shahnaz Husain advises the use of a citrus fruit based mild exfoliator that can be used every alternate day. Mix equal proportions of pure tomato puree and curd and let it rest on your face for about 15 minutes. It will remove sun induced pigmentation.

Use Tomato Exfoliator

3. Use Honey For Sun Pigmentation

According to Shahnaz Husain, honey is the best natural agent that has the power to reverse sun spots and scars completely within 15 to 20 days. Simply make a paste by using equal proportion of ascorbic acid rich pure lemon juice and organic honey. Let your skin absorb it for 15 to 20 minutes before you wash it with cold water. The best is, this pack harms no skin type.

Use Honey For Sun Pigmentation
4. Use Olive Oil Toner

Dry skin is more damaged due to pigmentation, since it gets itchy and blotchy. So, to get rid of pigmentation on dry skin, Shahnaz Husain recommends using olive oil based homemade toner regularly, before moisturizing the face. Simply dilute vegetable glycerin with rose water and add 2 to 3 drops of olive oil to it. Refrigerate it and use it cold daily after washing the face.

Use Olive Oil Toner
5. Use Gram Flour Paste

This one remedy by Shahnaz Husain specifically targets pollution and weather related pigmentation that affects face and neck. For this problem, all you need to mix in gram flour is equal proportions of yogurt and lemon juice. Top it up with a little turmeric to form a depigmentation Ubtan. Apply regularly, irrespective of your skin type.

Use Gram Flour Paste
6. Use Cinnamon For Acne Pigmentation

According to Shahnaz Husain, it is extremely difficult to get rid of acne induced pigmentation while an acne breakout. The safest way to do so is, applying a cinnamon based depigmentation spot treating mask that can dry existing pimples and reduce scarring. Add cinnamon powder with honey, lemon juice and rose water. Dab the paste only on affected areas. This dries out pimples and exfoliates scarred cells, reducing pigmentation.

Use Cinnamon For Acne Pigmentation

7. Wear A Moisturizing Broad Spectrum Sunscreen 

According to Shahnaz Husain, normal sunscreen can work as a protective skin between your real skin and sun rays. But it cannot work much effectively to banish already pigmented tanned skin. The best way to vanish existing pigmentation is wearing an ultra hydrating broad spectrum sunscreen that has skin soothing and calming natural bleaching ingredients.
And you’re set to attain your natural complexion, probably one or two tones lighter than before, if you manage to invest time in these beauty tips by Shahnaz Husain that we have exclusively listed for you.

Wear A Moisturizing Broad Spectrum Sunscreen