7 Citrus Fruits For Your Health And Skin

7 Citrus Fruits For Your Health And Skin

There are many fruits in the world in all flavors, citrus fruits first found in South Asia and from there it travel all over the world, many food company rely on these fruits, these fruits are acidic in nature and they have some sweet and sour taste, they are full with the vitamins and minerals, many fruits drink, health drinks, jams and other confectionery items are prepared by these fruits, this is not a single food but there are many fruits comes in this category, a part from this, these fruits have many health benefits also, here are some of the citrus fruits that you should definitely try.

1. Lemon

Lemon is great source of vitamin C, having various types of phytochemical such as polyphenols, terphenes and citric acid. It is great food for your health, as it helps in detoxifying all toxin and removing bacteria from the liver. Its therapeutic properties help in weight loss, and boost the immune system. Lemon juice have antiseptic proprieties that helps in reducing the pain from insect sting, sun burn and also beneficial for skin and enhance beauty as it exfoliates skin by removing dead cell, help to fight with pimples.

2. Orange

Orange is world best citrus fruit. It contains high amount of vitamin C, that helps in glowing skin, vitamin A that helps in improving vision of eyes, flavonoids, calcium helps in making healthy bones, magnesium that helps in protecting the cell damage from free radical. Daily Consumption orange juice make you free from arthritis inflammation. Orange contain vitamin B9 that helps in improving memory, learning power and overall brain development and maintain your body organ in good condition. The problem of irritable bowel syndrome are also prevented by taking taking glass of orange juice in your diet because it contain fiber that helps your body to fight against stomach and intestinal problems.

3. Lime

This citrus fruits is rich in Vitamin C, that is used for the good and glowing skin and if you have the scurvy problems on the skin then it is the best remedy for it, also it works as a natural bleaching agent, many anti ageing face packs are made by this, the taste of the lime is sweet and bitter, if you have stone in the kidney, then it is used to remove the stone, it is used as an energy source also, the properties of the lime is similar to the lemon, but lime are green in color and lemons are yellow, lime is used in many recipes to give sour taste, many natural perfume have the essence of lime in it.

4. Tangerines

Tangerines is also known as a mandarin orange, are great source of vitamin C, Beta carotene and folate. Mandarin oranges is a great citrus fruit that contain B- vitamin complex, such as folate, that are so beneficial in neural tube formation and cell formation in prenatal babies.The antioxidants present in mandarin make a good cholesterol by removing bad cholesterol from body. Mandarin orange have potassium and sodium that helps the to maintain normal blood pressure and increase flow of blood in a brain.

5. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is amazing citrus fruit.It contains fiber, pectin and beneficial antioxidant lycopene. It is excellent source of vitamin C and mineral which is not only good for weight lose but also contains many anticancer agents that fight from diseases in a body. Each part of of grape fruit provides different benefit such as the seed extract is used as an anti fungal remedy. Grape fruit is also help in removing acne problem by rubbing it on that area of skin.

6. Pomelo

Pomelo contains bio flavonoids substance that helps in fighting against various disease like cancer. Pomelo helps in lowering the cholesterol level in body and keep your heart healthy. Pomelo are rich in vitamin C that provides strong immune system and fight against infection like nausea,cold, flu. Consumption of pomelo reduces the urinary tract infection, cleans the internal organ and also makes your skin glow from outside because it contains spermadine, that helps in making skin cells strong, reverse signs of ageing and damage skin.

7. Kumquat

Kumquat is a delicious, flavorful tangy and sweet seasonal citrus fruit. Kumquat fruits helps in lowering the cholesterol level in the blood and reduces the chances of heart problem. It also have of omega 3 and omega 6 that maintain good cardiovascular health. Kumquat fruit is very good for bones and teeth due to high amount of calcium present in it. Kumquat fruit is antioxidant fruit that provides glow to the skin and helps in removing the age spot, rough skin, winkles by eating it daily along with its peel.