7 Best Waterproof Eye Makeup Removers For Sensitive Eyes

While rose water and many other products work wonders as eye makeup removers, they hardly stand a perfect chance when it comes to removing the stains of waterproof makeup. And excessive rubbing can actually inflame the skin around the eyes that is much softer and delicate than the face skin. What you need in this case is a waterproof eye makeup remover that binds to the makeup molecules and gets rid of them without having the need to rub the eyes. We have listed 7 such wonderful eye makeup removers below that will work gently for your sensitive eyes.

1. Oriflame One Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

This is a liquid based waterproof eye makeup cleanser that removes all the makeup, even glitter based, in one single wipe. It has a fine texture that doesn’t feel coarse or harsh. Instead, it adds moisture to the delicate eye skin and keeps the cells supple by hydrating them. Since it is devoid of harsh mineral oils, it removes the makeup without causing irritation or itching. It is non allergenic and a rescue remedy for women with ultra sensitive eye skin, and also the ones who prefer contacts, coloured as well as eyesight based.

2.  L’Oreal Paris Gentle Lip And Eye Makeup Remover

This multipurpose water based eye makeup remover works well for mascara and liner as well. It is dermatologically proven efficient and safe for sensitive eye skin. Blessed with bulk traces of provitamins, it zeroes down inflammation, itching and even eye freckles. It is super soft and creamy and adds moisture to the dry cells. All it needs is one single wipe to bind to eye makeup, even gel based, and remove its traces gently.

3. The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye/Lip Makeup Remover

Do you feel stuck in your sensitive skin that doesn’t offer you much freedom to experiment with your eyes? If so, it is already time to befriend this eye makeup remover, loaded with sheer natural extracts of Camomile, that will gently clean your eye skin without hurting it. Blessed with camomile and at a bay with alcohol, artificial fragrance and colours, this eye makeup remover causes no itching and stinging. You need not to press against the skin as well.

4. Maybelline Clean Express Makeup Remover

This waterproof eye makeup remover gently melts mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner binded like your second skin without needing rubbing and pressing. This is a pure water based hydrating eye makeup remover that completely ditches the presence of even miniscule amount of parabens. Which is why, it is too gentle on super sensitive eyes that get inflamed and irritated with almost everything. It doesn’t result in dry freckles around the lash skin. Instead, it hydrates the area to bless your eyes with smooth texture.

5. Rimmel London Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Undoubtedly capable of handling entire waterproof eye makeup, this one strictly serves the purpose of getting rid of adamant waterproof mascara that usually makes lashes its home. This eye makeup remover by Rimmel removes those extra stiff mascara glitters without breaking the lash hair. Preferably the first choice for women with sensitive eyes, it causes no inflammation or dryness upon use.

6. Maybelline New York Jade Eye Makeup Remover, Waterproof

This waterproof eye makeup remover is more powerful than most other removers in the market. It works in two simple steps for sensitive eyes. In the first hand, it concentrates on removing adamant makeup, even glitter and shimmer based, while adding a shot of water to the dry cells. It gently adds enough moisture around the eyes that the tired cells get rid of dryness and blotches too. And in the second step, it offers the goodness of an eye serum that actually reduces eye bumps to keep them soft.

7. Lumene Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Blessed with bundles of linen seed natural extracts, the Lumene waterproof eye makeup remover not just removes eye makeup without irritating the sensitive skin, it also repairs the the irritated cells by moisturizing them. It removes waterproof dry makeup and cleanses the pores to keep the eyes safe from redness and itching.

The above listed 7 waterproof eye makeup removers are ideal for sensitive eyes and are reasonably priced too.