7 Best Matte Lipsticks Available In The Market

7 Best Matte Lipsticks Available In The Market

Lipsticks are now a days a fashion trend for the ladies, we have many colors in the lipsticks and there are many varieties of the lipsticks in the market. Matte lipsticks are the best ornament for the lips of ladies, because they are smudge free, flawless, everlasting and attractive appearance. If you are a working girl or any college student then you need a lipstick that will be there on your lips for longer period, so you can go with the matte lipsticks. There are many lipsticks in the market here are some of them.

1. Lakme 9-to-5 Matte Lipstick – Toffee Nexus

It is very nice, nude, neutral every day wear color lipstick, office going peoples who want to achieve very natural makeup look, this matt lipstick is best option for them. This lipstick glide on lips very smoothly without any pulling, once it on the lips, it feels absolutely matt because it settle to the matt finish in a few minutes. This lipstick have very good staying power, if you are eating something oily, then you should not use this as it just spread easily or sometime breakdown.

2. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick – Over the Top

This is the velvet matt lipstick. It is really nice dusky coral color, that suits on lots of skin tone. hydrating, the best thing about this lipsticks it last for almost a day and the texture it has on the lips is so smooth, even you eat anything then this will not spread to the edges and it is easy to remove also, sweating in the summer has also no problem with this lipstick.

3. Faces Velvet Matte Lipstick – Just Looking

This lipstick is velvety satin shade and its look nude brown on your lips. The texture of this lipstick is semi matt and it has a creamy feel on your lips. The lipstick come with the metallic grey plastic body and the cap of the lipstick open and shut with click that quality provide it double protection to the lipstick. The lipstick look little shiny when you apply, which is fade away with the time. This lipstick moisturizing your lips very well and the texture of this lipstick is stain its glides smoothly on your lipstick very easily. Single swap of this lipstick fills good amount of color on your lips and it works really great to hide any pigmentation on your lips with single swap. The staying power of this matt lipstick is 6 to 7 hours.

4. Sugar Vivid Lipstick – Breaking Bare

This lipstick are really nice medium tone pink lipstick, that looks so attractive. It works really well on all types of the skin tones, this lipstick is easy to apply on lips and even with the one stroke you will have perfect finish on the lips, so if you want to go out side for longer time, then you can use it, the matte touch is so good and it last for about 5 hours in the summer season.

5. L’Oreal Moist Matte Lipstick – Black Cherry

The lipstick come in copper gold metallic packaging and they have color coded button on lipstick to identify the shade. The shade of lipstick is nice deep red which look so vibrant, very wearable as it could look good on people who have dusky, dark and fair complexion as well. This lipstick suit on all types of skin tone folks especially warmer skin tone people. The formula of loreal lipstick is so good it is not so dry or not too creamy The lipstick are travel friendly and slits nicely but the lipstick is melt down easily even in a winter. This lipstick are light weight and it glide beautifully on lips. The staying power of this lipstick is around 4 to 5 hour.

6. Lakme Absolute Sculpt Lipstick – Red rush

The shade of this lakme lipstick is perfect blend of red and orange although the orange is not over powering. This lipstick does not have any blue and pink undertone to it. This lipstick have perfect kind of red that every one should have and very good for daily wear on your lips. Staying power of this lipstick is 4 to 5 hour. This lipstick has a matt finish but when your apply its look little sheer initially then it settle down to complete matt finish. The texture of this lipstick is super creamy and smooth which is very comfortable on lips and also it moisturize your lips very well.

7. Color bar Kiss Proof Lip Stain – Hollywood

The lipstick has creamy liquid consistency once you apply it and it take about a minute to dry completely and gives your lips a perfect matt finish. This lipstick are so pigmented and long lasting, if you want to get super matt finish then it is the best lipstick that you buy.