7 Best Gold Facial Kits You Should Try To Get Golden Glow

Today we do not need any occasion for facial. We just treat it as a part of our skin care routine and hence we indulge in it at least once in a month. Most of the time we prefer fruit facials, instant glow facials or herbal facials to maintain our skin’s youthful look But there are certain occasion such as a special party or wedding where we want to look our best. Hence we try to opt for some different and advanced facials. Most of the women opt for gold facial during the wedding. The reason being its instant result and that awesome golden glow which can envy any one. If you talk about the cost then definitely the charges for golden facial are quiet higher as compared to the regular facials and hence most of us tend to skip opting for it on monthly basis. But what if you can get the benefits of gold facial in your budget? There are various Gold Facial Kits available in the market which cab help you to get the golden glow.

1. Lotus Herbals Radiant Glow Cellular Glow Facial Kit

Get a Radiant glow with this amazing facial kit. Lotus Herbals Radiant Glow Cellular Glow Facial Kit is infused with Papaya Extracts, Horse Chestnut and 24k Gold Leaves. This facial kit is includes four creamy contents i.e. Exfoliating Cleanser, Gold Leaves Massage Cream, Activator and a Golden Mask. It delivers the radiant glow to your skin while reducing the uneven skin tone and even the sun tan. This gold facial kit also delivers the benefits of anti ageing by maintaining the elasticity of your skin.

Lotus Herbals Radiant Glow Cellular Glow Facial Kit

2. VLCC New Gold Facial KIt

VLCC is known as one of the most raved brand when it comes to at home facial kits. VLCC New Gold Facial Kit is said to be enriched with 24k pure gold particles which replenish the skin and bring back the lost glow of it. While taking care of glow it also moisturize and hydrate your skin to maintain its pH balance. This at home Facial kit comes with Gold Scrub, Gold Peel Off Mask, Gold Cream and Gold Gel. Apart from pure gold it contains the natural extracts of sandalwood, aloe vera, walnut, turmeric and wheat germ. It is recommended to use after every 15 days to maintain the youthful look.

VLCC New Gold Facial KIt

3. Biotique Gold Radiance with Gold Bhasma Facial Kit

Most of you must be a fan of Biotique products. Its natural and herbal product range is truly amazing when it comes to the skin care. Facial kits are part of some of its best products. Biotique Gold Radiance with Gold Bhasma Facial Kit is loaded with golden dust and is available in four products Gold Radiance Scrub, Gold Radiance Face Cream, Gold Radiance Massage Gel and Gold Radiance Peel off Mask. Get healthy and Rejuvenated Golden glow with this facial kit.

Biotique Gold Radiance with Gold Bhasma Facial Kit

4. Aroma Magic Gold Facial Kit

This seven Step Gold facial kit is quiet different than the rest of the gold facial kit. The reason being is its product content. Aroma Magic Gold Facial Kit is packed with a Face cleanser, Protein Bleach, AHA Gel, Gold radiance gel, Skin Serum, Nourishing cream and a face pack. Due to the protein bleach you get the benefits of bleaching as well. This facial kit is suitable for all skin types and renders a healthy golden glow with every session.

Aroma Magic Gold Facial Kit

5. Inatur 24K Gold Glow Facial Kit

Give a golden boost to your skin with this herbal facial kit. Inatur 24k Gold Glow Facial Kit is structured with Gold Grains, Almonds and vanilla flower extracts. This natural and herbal gold facial kit revitalize your skin and improve its blood circulation to add a luster to it. This facial kit can be even by matured skin beauties to preserve their youthfulness. Get this facial kit with a gold cleanser, gold exfoliator, gold massage cream and gold face mask.

Inatur 24K Gold Glow Facial Kit

6. Banjara’s Gold Facial Kit

This easy to use and budget friendly gold facial kit is the perfect choice if you do not want to spend bomb on gold facials . Banjara’s Gold Facial Kit comes with four different products Gold Cleansing Scrub, Gold Massage Gel, Gold Massage Cream and Gold Face Pack. This facial kit is formulated with Gold Dust, Vitamins, Fruit extracts and herbs and hence promises to give you the radiant and glowing skin.

Banjara's Gold Facial Kit

7. Jolen’s Royal Gold Facial Kit

Try this gold facial kit if you are looking for instant golden glow on your face. Jolen’s Royal Gold Facial Kit contains Gold Exfoliating Cleanser, Gold Gel Activator, Gold Massage Cream, Gold Masque and Gold Serum. This facial kit is prepared using the active ingredients such as herbal extracts, 24k pure gold leaves, Vitamin C and Red algae extracts.