7 Benefits Of Using Water-Based Moisturizers, Especially For Oily Skin

Benefits Of Using Water-based Moisturizers

Moisturizing improves the texture of the oily skin and protects it. Know your skin type before using moisturizers. If you are a person with oily skin type and wash you face often it only prompts your skin to generate more oil. The skin becomes dull and comatose. This can create resentment. Use water based moisturizer for oily skin that has acne contending qualities and aids in minimizing pores, elevates the texture of the skin and challenges flaws. A water based moisturizer protects your skin after ablutionary too. These products are called as Non-comedogenic meaning that they do not block the pores.

1. Controls Skin Breakouts

Excess oil, residues from makeup and grime all clog the skin pores and give way to acne, zits, pimples and flaws and other skin ailments. The water based emollient on your dermis will cleanse off all the excess particles on your skin and unclog your skin. This reduces the skin eruptions.

Controls Skin Breakouts

2. Hydrates The Skin

The water based moisturizer hydrates the skin and is lighter in weight. The water gist unswervingly infiltrates into the stoma of the skin and helps to keep it hydrated. If you have to skip your fluid intake that you regularly consume there is nothing to worry as the water based moisturizer is easily absorbed into the skin and it gives your skin a perpetual exhilarated look.

3. Cool De-Puffing Mask

Eye bags and puffiness is a common problem and the water based moisturizers are helpful in de-puffing your eyes. Let the moisturizer be in the fridge for some time. Take a few droplets of the chilled moisturizer with your finger tips and knead in clock wise and anti clockwise prior to going to bed and you will be surprised to see the result in the morning.

Cool De-Puffing Mask

4. Cooling Effect To The Skin

Skin problems like itchy, burning and scratchy skin are very usual problems. Researching why these problems occur may take a long time and various treatments can aggravate the problems. Instead try applying the water based moisturizer on the affected area and feel the difference. It will help to soothe and cure the problem. The additional water content that is contained in the moisturizer helps to heal the glitched tissues and this develops new cells.

Cooling Effect To The Skin

5. Replenish And Revitalize The Skin

People with oily skin have a problem of getting their skin greasy very soon that makes their skin dull due to excess oil secretion in the skin. Use of regular moisturizers will only add to your distress because they contain shea butter or other chemicals that only block your pores. So start using the water based moisturizer that helps to hydrate your skin and make you feel refreshed in your skin.

 Replenish And Revitalize The Skin

6. Acts As A Makeup Base

Apply water based cosmetics before starting your application of make up to keep your dermis hydrated. It also discerns your makeover. You should use water based moisturizer before using your make up. It would be a perfect base for applying your make up.

Acts As A Makeup Base

7. It Does Not Clog The Pores

Water does not fasten to the skin comfortably. So the water base product does not block your pores and create skin problems. As it is produced from the basic need of life itself we can envision the extent of hydration and pabulum that the water based moisturizer can provide for your skin.

It Does Not Clog The Pores