7 Bath Oils For A Refreshing Shower


Most of us wake up late in the morning only to do a shower that is rushed. However to enjoy a truly refreshing shower one must be able to enjoy the whole process of it, from the dip to the lather foams that take up every inch of our skin. An ideal shower is a mood uplifter by its own admission. And to prove this, there is a recent research from Japan that suggests that just 10 minutes of bathing would help you in dealing with stress effectively.

So Here Are 7 Top Bath Oils That You Will Definitely Need After A Rough And Tiring Work Schedule:

1. Geranium And Grapefruit Bath Oil

In case you are going through unexplained hormonal changes that is affecting your emotional state of mind, it is time you took a bath infused with the richness of geranium and grapefruit bath oil. While geranium brings your emotional swings to a state of neutral calm, the aroma of grapefruit oil will certainly provide clarity to your thoughts. Combine this with floating rose petals and you can make use of the skin enhancing properties of your bath.


2. Chamomile

Just ten drops of chamomile is enough to help you calm your nerves down. One of the best properties of chamomile oil is that it helps in making your eyelids heavy in case you have trouble falling asleep at night. At times the flood of your thoughts in your head seems unrelenting at the dead of night you can always turn into the chamomile oil with added bonus of mandarin, lavender.


3. Vetiver

Also called as the oil of tranquility, this oil is made from the process of distillation of the extracts obtained the vetiver root. This bath oil is the perfect moisturiser for your skin during winter months.


4. Lavender

It is not only sweet smelling but is also a must have comfort indulgence for any woman who wants to enjoy her me time after a hectic day. Known as a remedy for insomnia, it also soothes your damaged and stressed skin.


5. Tree Bark Oils

Be it cedar, sandalwood or rosewood, any oil scooped from the woody tree barks provide the elemental calmness which is enough to transport you to a meditative state. It is always better to use these essential oils separately rather than blend them together for each is potent with its distinct properties.


6. Neroli

Sometimes you do not have to just sniff the flowers and sigh in contentment. You can pack its goodness home and unleash a garden of its fragnance in your bath. Extracted from the orange blossom flowers, the neroli is your winter uplifting agent. If you are a procrastinator and just need the nudge to start your day, then a little drop of this oil coupled with your playlist is enough to kickstart your day.


7. Bergamot

With its musky citrus scent, you can clearly fathom that this extract oil is sourced from the peel of the fruit. Apart from improving your metabolism, it also contributed to being a doctor to your emotional health. If you want an enviously clear face, then be liberal in your usage of this essential oil. Of course to increase the wellness of this essential oil, you can blend it with geranium, lavender, eucalyptus and ylang ylang oils.