7 Barbie Hairstyles That You Can Try Too

7 Barbie Hairstyles That You Can Try Too

Each and every girl is familiar with the name “Barbie”. We have all heard the Barbie song and grown up. We have admired and have been fixated on the doll with its splendid hair, remarkable figure and unblemished skin. We all desired to be like the “Barbie” doll. The dermis and defined structure are hard to attain but the hairstyle can be copied much more easily. There are a number of Barbie doll hairdos.

Here Are Top 7 From Them:

1. Side Parted Simple Hairstyle

The side parted simple hair do is an extremely fundamental Barbie hairdo. A side bisection and well detangled and smoothed out hair is the first style. This hairstyle is a perennial hairstyle that goes with or suits all events. This hair do is a beautiful, facile and very august.

2. Two Ponytails

This is yet another attractive and not difficult hairstyle on the catalog. Just make a pair of high coiffures. Leave some pithy hairs to fall on your forehead and put on a hair band that is made of a thick material. This hair do is best suited for girls with hair up to the hips or longer than that.

3. Loose Semi- Curls

The loose semi curls hair style one among the utmost elegant hairstyles on the list. Long curls that are loose with hair opened out looks attractive and appealing to the eyes. This hair do is an easy to do style. It is a best option for an exceptional occasion or an evening celebration like a birthday party, a reception or the like.

4. Braided Ponytail

The braided ponytail is a very facile hairdo but it appears conjuring and sapient. It is a flawless hairdo for a sanguine, slick and stunning look. This hairstyle is very easily manageable and it is flawless for a full day jaunt or junket.

5. Half Pinned Wavy Hairstyle

Do you want to brandish like a Barbie princess? Have the half pinned wavy hairstyle done. It is a very attractive hairdo. Make huge loose waves with half pinned side sectioned hairs with elegant huge promiscuous waves will appear flawlessly cute with every dress and will suit any face shape. You may do this hairstyle without much effort and without going to the beauty parlor all by yourself.

6. Braided Bun Hairstyle

The braided bun hairdo is an accurate hairstyle for long hair. You should spawn a braided ponytail initially. After that, make a raised bun out of that ponytail. It is a very attractive hairdo and it would really make you feel agnate a Barbie doll.

7. Short N’ Roll Hairstyle

The short and roll hairstyle is a Marilyn Monroe apotheosis of Barbie. If your hair is short you may get rollers to get it rolled up for the effect. The short and roll hairstyle is a very charismatic and dazzling hair style and this hair style suits every girl that has short hair. This hairstyle will outlive the pace of time. Marilyn Monroe was an icon and her style was regarded as glamorous and is followed in stardom till date. This roller set classic hairstyle is the easiest yet attractive and can be carried off well and easily taken care of than the long hairstyles and is more easily adaptable. The hairdo is ample enhanced classic and more captivating than straight hair dos and not so remarkably modern looking.