7 Amazing Kohl For Your Eyes Available In Market

7 Amazing Kohl For Your Eyes Available In Market

Our eyes are the most beautiful part of the body and even they express many things about our self, girls always want to have beautiful eyes and for this they apply the mascara, eye shadows, eye gels, but the kohl is the most important, it gives our line to the eyes, it given an extra charm and rich look to the eyes, there are many kohl available in the market, here is the list of the some of the kohl available in the market.

1. Plum Natur Studio All-Day-Wear Kohl

Plum Natur Studio All-Day-Wear Kohl is ophthalmologic tested kohl, that is free from paraben, phthalates and any harsh chemical in it. This kohl comes with natural formula, as it contains natural vitamin E, hydrogenated castor oil and rice bran oil that helps in nourishing, hydrating your eyes and also it act as antioxidants, moisturizer for your eyes with special care. This kohl comes in purple color pencil along with sharpener attached to it. The staying power of this smudge free kohl is around 7 to 8 hours.

Plum Natur Studio All-Day-Wear Kohl

2. MAC Black Walnut Twist Kohl

Mac Black Walnut Twist kohl is brownish black kohl that comes with high-coverage and creamy formula, as it glides very smoothly on water line of your eyes in one stroke and this kohl helps in achieving bold and beautiful look. This waterproof kohl that does not wash off or smudge even in rain and comes in plastic twist black color pencil, that is very handy, travel friendly and the color of the kohl is black brown. This kohl lasts on your eye up-to 10 hours and this kohl can also be used by people who wear contact lens on their eyes.

MAC Black Walnut Twist Kohl

3. Lakme Eyeconic 22 Hours Kohl

Lakme eyeconic kohl is dermatologist tested kohl, that comes with smudge free formula, that does not spread easily even in summer season. This kohl comes in black color retractable twisting pencil like packaging, you can pull in or pull out this kohl very easily, all the details are mentioned on the liner such as claim and the texture of this kohl is matt that does feel sticky, glittery look. The color of this kohl is dark black that easily glides on your water line, you can also apply as eyeliner. The staying power of this kohl is on your eyes is up-to 18 to 20 hours.

Lakme Eyeconic 22 Hours Kohl

4. Himalaya Herbal Eye Definer Kohl

Himalaya herbal eye definer kohl is glossy kohl that comes with unique herbal ingredient formula, as it contain almond oil and herbal extracts, that helps in nourishing, soothing and cooling your eyes. This kohl does not contain any harsh chemicals in it, that cause irritation in your eyes and also it maintains your eye health such as it helps in thickening your eye lashes. This herbal kohl comes in plastic rolling tube which is very handy and the texture of this kohl is so smooth, highly pigmented that give your eyes feel refresh.

Himalaya Herbal Eye Definer Kohl

5. Loreal Paris Magique Kohl

Loreal paris magique kohl is supreme black kohl that comes with new generation formula, as this kohl contains goodness of olive oil ester, cocoa butter, vitamin E and vitamin C that helps in hydrating and smoothing your eyes in healthy way. This kohl are highly pigmented, it has mineral pigments in it, along with intense black color matt finish on your eyes and it stays on your eye for 6 to 7 hour on your water line.

6. Mayebelline Colossal Kohl

Mayebelline colossal kohl is 24 hours smudge proof deep black kohl, that are enriched with aloe vera that helps to hydrating your eyes with out drying out or irritates your eyes as well as brightening your inner corner of your eyes. This texture of this colossal kohl is creamy, smooth that are very easy to apply on your eyes in single stroke as you need makeup remover to remove it completely and comes in yellow color plastic twist pencil, with all detailed mentioned in black color printing.

Mayebelline Colossal Kohl

7. Faces Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kohl

Faces ultime pro intense gel kohl, is gel based kohl especially designed for your eyes to give dramatic and bold look. The color of this kohl is super jet black that brighten your waterline instantly with vibrant, pure intense black color. It comes in rectangle black box and the pencil inside this black box comes with dual ended as one side has eye pencil and with the brush attached to it with sharpener. The kohl is super pigmented as in single swipe you can get the dark black color in your waterline. The long lasting power of this kohl on your waterline is 7 to 8 hours, you also can apply this as eyeliner and eye shadow to get smoky eyes.