7 Amazing Biotin Benefits For Hair, Health And Skin

7 Amazing Biotin Benefits For Hair, Health And Skin

One of the B vitamins that play the important role in helping the body use fats and carbohydrates from food is Biotin. The chances of occurrence of biotin deficiency are rare for those people who intake healthy diet. But, the circumstances or conditions like the diabetes, antiseizure medication, long-term tube feeding, and Crohn’s disease make it difficult for people to absorb nutrients. Then, biotin deficiency occurs. Biotin is required for the proper function and growth of the human body. This vitamin offers innumerable benefits to hair, health and skin. We are sharing the list of few such benefits of biotin in this article.

Hair Benefits Of Biotin

1. Keeps Hair Fall At Bay

Hair fall is common. But, if you experience too much of hair fall, then you might be suffering from biotin deficiency. You must take right care in order to keep the biotin deficiency at bay.[1] This is because biotin deficiency can lead to the issue of baldness as well. To enjoy the good looking and strong hair, you should consume high content of biotin on the regular basis.

Keeps Hair Fall At Bay

2. Promotes Healthy Growth Of Hair

Biotin promotes healthy growth of the hair. This vitamin works wonders in aiding your body regulate ordinary functions which includes hair growth also.[2] In order to enjoy the healthy hair, you need to maintain the good level of biotin in your body system.

3. Controls Gray Hair

Biotin has the capability of controlling gray hair. In fact, occurrence of the gray hair is one of the symptoms of the biotin deficiency.[3] If you are suffering from the issue of gray hair, then prefer biotin rich foods. Inclusion of biotin rich foods in the regular diet, works wonders in restoring the natural color to the hair.

Health Benefits Of Biotin

4. Strengthens Immune System

This vitamin helps in strengthening the immune system as well.[4] It also aids in the utilization of folic acid, protein, vitamin B12, and pantothenic acid. It also helps in the growth of the cells, production of the fatty acid and synthesis.

5. Banishes Brittle Nails

Biotin or vitamin H is very helpful in banishing the brittle nails. You can regain the wonderful and attractive nails with the help of biotin. A study revealed that people in the study with frail, split and thin nails who took the extra quantities of biotin (2.5 milligrams) on the daily basis noticed the twenty five percent enhancement in the nail thickness.[5] If you have the brittle nails, prefer to consume extra quantities of biotin on the regular basis.

Skin Benefits Of Biotin

6. Makes Skin Healthy

Biotin is one of the vitamins on which you should focus in order to increase the beauty of your skin. Biotin plays the crucial role in maintaining the healthy skin.[6] Also, remember that the first sign of the biotin deficiency can be noticed on the skin. The symptoms such as red, scaly rash around the eyes, mouth, nose indicates the deficiency of biotin deficiency.

7. Offers Radiant Skin

Biotin is very important for our skin. This vitamin forms the basis of the skin. By hydrating cells, this vitamin plays an important role in making the skin radiant and healthy.[7] It offers healthy glow to your skin. It works wonders in enhancing the overall skin tone. Consume biotin rich foods in order to make your skin healthy and beautiful. It also keeps the early aging signs at bay. It plumps up the skin.