6 Unexpected Side Effects Of Using Garlic In Excess

6 Unexpected Side Effects Of Using Garlic In Excess

Garlic is one of the rare superfood kitchen herbs that holds the key to prolong and improve human life and lifestyle. It is allicin bundled in garlic juice that blesses it with its multiple benefits of being an antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial agent, that is anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic as well. Some of its distinctive health benefits include liver detoxification, HDL formation and LDL reduction, reducing the risk of blood pressure spiking and reducing the chances of cancer and cardiac arrest.

But despite its marvellous benefits, it has a dark side too. Not many are aware that with the prolonged use of garlic, the body is exposed to weird disorders. Today we have compiled 6 such side effects of using garlic in excess amount that you must have the knowledge of.

1. Results In Bleeding

Allicin, the wonder compound that kisses garlic with much of its benefits, when supplied to the body in excess, interferes with thrombocytes functioning.[1] Thrombocytes or platelets are body’s clotting options against external bleeding. Prolonged use of allicin reduces the power of thrombocytes, as well as their production. This reduces the body’s capability of clotting blood to reduce bleeding. And as a result of stunted blood clotting, the body gets more susceptible to blood loss.

2. Leads To Dermatitis

This side effect is more of a result of garlic’s topical application, rather than its ingestion. Garlic is basically a bundle of about 33 raw and undiluted sulphuric components.[2] This makes it a no brainer that its juice is rich in sulphuric acid. And perpetual application of sulphuric acid, no matter it is a milder natural herbal acid, results in skin drying. And it is because of this severe drying that garlic increases inflammation instead of reducing it. It also causes rashes that are itchy, painful, blotchy and also results in peeling. It can also expose your skin to bumps and painful blisters.

3. Can Cause Vomiting

Due to the overload of pure sulfur ingredients in garlic, it inflames the entire gut, including mouth and esophageal pipe, when it is over consumed.[3] This leads to severe irritation that makes the person nauseated. Usually garlic induced nausea is accompanied with mild dizziness and head spinning. However, extreme reaction and gut inflammation leads to vomiting.

4. Cause Acid Reflux

Garlic, as we know by now, is an esophageal irritant. It not just inflames the gut, it also inflames the sphincter muscle at the bottom of esophageal pipe.[4] The reversed sphincter action pushes the stomach’s acid towards the heart, rather than letting it break down the food in the abdomen. This results in severe acidity, and also leads to stomach cramping at times.

5. Results In Bad Odour

By bad odour, we do not just mean smelling mouth, we also mean stinking armpits.[5] The sulfuric compounds in garlic, when supplied to the body in bulk, are filtered by the liver as waste. Instead of being passed out of the body with stools, this residue is rather evaporated by sweat glands. As a result, the complete body smells.

6. Reduces The Potency Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills work on a simple concept of supplying the body with extra estrogen.[6] Estrogen is a naturally present female hormone that inhibits ovulation, thereby irradiating the chances of conceiving. But garlic has strong sulphuric acid content that can easily reduce the efficiency of birth control pills by metabolising estrogen content rather than letting it stay in the body. This poses the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

The above listed 6 side effects of garlic should not be ignored, since they become potentially more hazardous in pregnancy. So, always consume garlic in regulated doses to relish its benefits without endangering your body.