6 Trendy Yet Smart Outfit Ideas For Office Going Women

Who says you cannot dress up at office? Nobody wants to look boring ever unless you are too ill. Do you want to look the most stylish at your office? It is easy! Women take too much stress about their office wardrobe. That is why we are here! We have made a list of the 6 Trendy yet Smart Outfit Ideas for Office Going Women which is so stylish yet not over the top. We find the below mentioned outfits to be the most alluring. We can tell you this much that the cute boy at work will definitely notice you and you will feel much more confident about yourself. Go on and read further.

Here Is The List Of 6 Trendy Yet Smart Outfit Ideas For Office Going Women:

1. The Smart Yet Sexy Pencil Skirt

Now the good part about a pencil skirt is that it makes you look trim and it shows enough curves which does not look too sleazy. Go for a pencil skirt which is knee length and pair it up with a semi formal shirt or a basic white shirt will do too. You can go for a black or grey pencil skirt. You can also choose a dark blue pencil skirt. Finding the right pencil skirt is easy! Also, wear nice pumps with the attire and carry a formal tote bag in a solid color.

The Smart Yet Sexy Pencil Skirt

2. A Formal Dress

If you like dressing up to work then get few dresses for yourself which are formal. Formal dresses look really cool. These days you get dresses with a belt on the waist which looks formal yet chic. Go for a solid color or checks are good too. A dark color such as dark blue, maroon or dark brown look good on formal dresses. You can go for a basic black dress with sleeves and collars.


3. Pleated Flare Skirt

The pleated flare skirt is yet another option which looks very smart yet very stylish. We personally love this look. Now all you need to do is buy a pleated flare skirt which is easily available online or any branded store near you. Choose the one in grey or black. Buy a shirt to pair up with it. A basic white or black shirt will be just fine! Do not go for a loud color. Pair it up with pumps or kitten heels.

Pleated Flare Skirt

4. Office Suit – Blazer And Formal Trousers

Now this is a very smart look and most women actually go for this one. If you are the strong and independent type, this one is for you. Women are not always comfortable with wearing skirts and dresses to office and so, you can wear a formal trouser with a semi formal shirt and a nice blazer. Go for colors like grey, black, white, maroon or blue. You can go for something in mustard color as well.

Office Suit - Blazer And Formal Trousers

5. A Casual Shirt With Trousers

This is the most basic look but it is the most effortless and casual look. You wake up in the morning and you do not feel like putting up an entire attire for yourself. For those times, choose a casual shirt with trousers. Your trousers do not have to be formal as such. Choose something in navy blue and the shirt should be semi formal too. You can go wild with the colors!

A Casual Shirt With Trousers

6. A High Waist Skirt

High waist clothes look great – be it skirts or trousers. Wear a high waist skirt with a formal shirt and you will look priceless. We find the high waist skirt to be so fashionable! This is an amazing choice! Make sure you choose a color like maroon, grey or black for this one. Pair it with a full sleeves shirt and you are good to go! A basic white shirt will be perfect.

A High Waist Skirt

See! We made life so easy for you. Now what you need to do is go for shopping and pick out the right clothing for your office. Choose anything from the list! We are sure you will look perfect as always.