6 Super Easy Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

6 Super Easy Nail Art Designs For Short Nails Do you have short nails and have no clue how to fashion them with amazing nail art and make them look stunning like those with long nails. Well, do not settle on your nails’ length be it short or long, nail art is always possible on your nails. May be you need to choose the right design to match the length of your nails. Here we have presented few cute, whimsical and chic nail art designs that would be perfect for your short nails.

Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

1. Borderline Nails

Want to keep the nail art minimum yet chic and neat, then the borderline nails are something you must try. With just two contrast nail colors, you can generate this simple and classy nail art. Paint the nails with a base color and once it dries, apply the second color all over the nails leaving some space around the cuticle to make a borderline and finish with a top coat.
Borderline Nails

2. Stripy Nails

Pinstripes might sound old fashioned, but it is the most original and stylish design of late and people just love to incorporate it in their every day style. If you are someone, who loves the quirky style, then you should try the pinstripes nails. Paint the nails white and do the stripes with the color you desire once the base color dries. Choose pastel colors for recreating the classic pleasing pattern.
Stripy Nails

3. Geometric Nails

Geometric style never fades away and are cool and easy to create. The interesting shapes and the simple to complex patterns you can create with the use of tape and multiple nail colors, make geometric patterns a popular nail art. From simple triangles to complex angles and shapes, all look fantastic and high fashioned.
Geometric Nails

4. Mini Icons

If you have been thinking to get a fanciful nail art that is cute and admirable with some symbols and signs that can represent your mood and personality, then it is super easy with the mini icons. The teensy icons look great against neutral shades and will perfectly fit the space of your short nails. Go for a glittery or golden accent nail to make your nails more stunning.
 Mini Icons

5. Metallic Nails

Metallic tones are amazing and make you go crazy over the shiny, hip, classy and shimmering look it creates. Be it metallic mirror nails or matte and metallic or neutral and metallic, it is just super stylish and sophisticated.  Along with metallic nail polishes, nail foils have made it quite simple to create the ravishing nails.
 Metallic Nails

6. Marble Nails

Marble nails looks like you have spent hours together to get the perfect design. However, the simple dipping method will help you get the look just right and it is one of the easiest nail art for girls with short nails. You will need toothpicks, water, gray or black and white nail paint and Vaseline. Take some water in a bowl and add one or two drops of gray or black shade nail polish. With the help of a toothpick swirl the colors carefully to get a marble pattern. Before dipping the nails in the bowl, you need to use the white base coat and apply the surrounding area of your nails with Vaseline. Now, dip into the mixture and you will get perfect marbled look. Once the nails are dry, remove excess nail polish from the cuticles.
Marble Nails