6 Stylish Women Sneakers

You are fun, active and up for anything. Then why not your footwear be just like you? Who says heels and stilettos are the only shoes for women? Fashion industry has revamped the plain canvas sneakers into stylish and high fashion accessory for fashionistas like you with a blend of comfort and style element.

Now sneakers are not just your walking and jogging companions; they are much more. These fashion accessories have become a wardrobe essential. Many celebrities are spotted wearing stylish sneakers on casual occasions. Choose from an array of adorable fashion sneakers from simple to trendier one depending on your style and occasion. Step out in style for your workout or on casual evenings flaunting your trendy sneakers and don’t be surprised to see a crowd behind you!

Stylish Women Sneakers

Sneaker Wedge

Glam up your feet with these sleek sneaker wedges. The days are gone when you had to decide between sneakers for comfort and wedges for height. Both are combined in these sneaker wedges in a stylish way.

Sneaker Wedge

Don’t want to show off the wedges, then choose the sneakers with hidden wedges. The lace-up, Velcro strap closures and side zippers add to your style statement.

Lace-Up Sneakers

These high-top trainers in ankle length feature a lace-up front with metal eyelets. Pair them with everything from feminine dresses to everyday favorite jeans and printed shorts for an extra kick of urban edge. Choose a bright red or pink or turquoise for a chic look.

Studded Sneakers

You are going to love these bejeweled sneakers. Give a dose of fashion and glamour to your boring sneakers with eye-catching, sparkling embellishments. The studded jewel detailing on the toes or stud embellished heel or assorted jewel detailing all over are sure to add sparkle to your attitude.

Studded Sneakers

Brass studded detailing and spike stud embellishments give more of a rustic look and are apt for your jungle adventure.

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Animal Print Sneakers

Animal prints are so in; dresses, handbags, nails or your eye shadow stickers, they are sure to catch your eyes. Add spunky and energetic vibe to sneakers with bright animal prints and patterns. Creep to the wild side and run free in these stylish leopard print, cheetah print and zebra print sneakers. The belted Velcro closures add sturdiness to the look.

Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers add height and provide comfort equally through your feet. These causal sneakers feature a comfortable platform sole that is constructed from sturdy vulcanized rubber.

Platform Sneakers

Choose a contrasting white sole with lace-up front and canvas body. Pair them with skirts or khaki shorts with cool accessories for a chic style.

Slip-On Sneakers

Slip-on sneakers are simple and true to their names. These are the sneakers which do not have traditional lace closure found on most of the sports shoes. Some patterns have Velcro closures and others come with inline elastic straps for a better grip. There are huge patterns and styles in slip-ons from classic mono-color to trendy multi colored ones. They go well with almost any type of dresses, jeans, skirts or shorts.