6 Reasons Of Tanning Can Seriously Damage Your Health


Tanning is a favorite summer activity for a lot of people, especially the ones that like to keep in touch with fashion! More so, a lot of people actually use tanning salons or sprays to maintain a tanned complexion during other seasons!

Here Is A List Of 6 Reasons Why You Might Want To Change Your Mind About Tanning


The lowest form of sun damage, sunburns’ symptoms is flushed looking skin, usually painful, and skin peeling. The color of the skin also turns red! Severe sunburn can and has been shown to lead to melanoma!


Immune System Supression

Overexposure to UV radiations can suppress the immune system’s functions, thus making the access of bacteria and viruses much easier!



This condition caused by exposure to artificial UV radiation is, on a basic level, a sunburn of the cornea! It can decrease vision and tear your cornea (because it makes it more sensible)!


Premature Aging

Do you like leathery skin? Perhaps you enjoy dark spots and wrinkled skin! No? Then I’m afraid you will have to take back on your tanning time! It’s been proven and widely accepted by scientists that tanning for long periods of time, even if it’s natural, WILL cause premature aging!


Solar Keratoses

Solar keratosis is the precursor of skin cancer. While it in itself is nothing but a non-malignant grow, it does share some of the symptoms of cancer and if left untreated it can develop into skin cancer. While easily treated through liquid nitrogen or chemical peels, it should not be taking lightly – it is a warning something bad can happen!


Skin Cancer

A study has shown that there are more people dying of skin cancer as a result of artificial tanning than there are people dying of lung cancer as a result of smoking!! However, it’s not just artificial tanning that can cause cancer. Natural tanning can too, because both types emit UV radiation that damages the cells at the surface of the skin! There are two types of skin cancer: melanoma, which is more aggressive, harder to treat and accounts for most deaths by skin cancer and non-melanoma, which, while not as dangerous, still is a dying risk worth taking into consideration!


While getting a tan is sure to look good on you, compared to the dangers it can bring forth, you might wonder if it really is that good of a choice. Alarming is the fact that, according to recent studies, more and more young women, under the age of 18, visit tanning salons more than 2 times a week!