6 Potential Causes Of Sharp Breast Pain In Women

Sharp Breast Pain In Women Breast pain can be a common phenomenon in women which is often likely to go unattended. But if breast pain is affecting life and causing discomfort beyond normal, it can signal something concerning and you should seek medical advice. Usually, women have breast pain and tenderness (mastalgia) which can be accompanied with their monthly periods.

These are cyclic and do not usually follow any pattern. But a sharp burning pain can be non-cyclic and require treatment. Find out some of the prominent causes of breast pain in women. One or more may contribute towards breast pain and discomfort.

Causes Of Sharp Breast Pain


The cyclic pain (mastalgia) may be the result of your normal monthly changes attributable to the hormones. This is generally experienced as heaviness and likely to occur in both the breasts. Experienced more by younger women, this type of pain can reach peak before the menstrual cycle and subside with termination of the period.

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Menopause is likely to be the end of such a breast pain. Changes in hormone levels which can cause breast pain are largely controlled by the body. There is less likelihood of its associaton with any other breast-related condition.

Breast Abscess

Sharp pain in breast can be the result of an abscess, which is a collection of pus under the skin of the breast. A breast abscess can also result in high temperature (100.4°F) and inflammation also.

Fibroadenoma And Cyst

Women between 30 to 50 years of age experience a non-cyclic pain which can affect/occur in one breast only. This sharp and burning pain may be caused by a fibroadenoma (typically, a lump owing to fibroadenoma does not cause pain).

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Cysts may also cause pain in breast but generally remain without producing any symptom. If the cyst increases in size during the menstrual cycle, it may cause pain. Cysts can be common in women between 35-50 years of age. A cyst can affect one or both the breasts.


A pain in breast can also be caused by a factor that affects the structure of your breast. For example, a breast trauma can affect breast. Pain may also arise somewhere outside the breast like in the joints or heart and spread out to the breast.

A breast surgery may cause breast pain which lingers even after cuts have healed. Sometimes, large size of breast may also cause pain. Women can also experience pain due to imbalance of fatty acids in cells which affect the sensitivity of breast tissue.


Sometimes, a medication may be linked to breast pain. Medications including hormonal medications, oral birth control pills and infertility treatments may cause pain in breast. Antidepressants can also cause pain. If you are experiencing stress, it can adversely affect breast pain.

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Also, breast tenderness is a possible side effect of estrogen and progesterone hormone therapy. Breast pain may be associated with certain antidepressants. Breast pain can also worsen with changes in the medicines being taking.

Breast Cancer

Although pain in breast(s) is usually not a definite sign of breast cancer, it may be indicative. If a lump remains throughout periods, it should be examined and observed. Cancerous lumps may cause a prickly feeling in women.